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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Re: Black History Month & Kids

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    It is interesting that the schools seem like they don t have time. However I m firm on getting them to make time, in a nice way of course. I m a oral
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      It is interesting that the schools seem like they don't have time. However I'm firm on getting them to make time, in a nice way of course. I'm a oral tradition storyteller, for a living. I'm trying to get schools to see not only why there should be something for Black History month in their school, but also that the history is not confined to just February. 365 days of Blackness if you will. I also do performances that are  made for the the curriculum that they are using. Or they can pick a program I have. I say that to say it takes a lot of time on my part. I meet with schools for other things and work the community. So when these things come up, we can get in a little better. I don't do it  for that , it just works out that way. I try to get the BSU and whoever to have some pride and put something. Handle it with care not just throw it together. Besides doing my storytelling, I help plan many of the events or give some input.
      Even on the adult level we are forgettiing how to even celebrate Black History Month in some areas. Not having the right history or what is the meaning. I'm one of many that does this. Keep in mind there are still Keepers of the Culture, pressing on.
      Suggest to the schools what you want, go to the PTA meetings. Many don't know how to do our history. One school in my area had three programs in one day, the draw back was it was made optional for the students. This is the school that because of their attitude transformed me into a storyteller.
      It is my understanding that this middle school did like a news broadcast panel of historical figures like Harriet Tubman for example. Hopefully we will be part of the history one day.

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