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Re: E-Harmony Against Interracial Relationships

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  • Rosanna
    Thank you for sharing this! Not that I am looking to use any dating sites being married and pregnant, but it is good to get this kind of info out. And you
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 10, 2008
      Thank you for sharing this!

      Not that I am looking to use any dating sites being married
      and pregnant, but it is good to get this kind of info out.

      And you know, I have always suspected this about e-harmony.
      One only has to look at the "success story" couples in the
      commercials--they look like brother and sister most of the time!
      The e-harmony philosophy seems to be that the more identical
      two people are the more likely they are to get along!

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "multiracialbookclub" <soaptalk@...> wrote:

      A word of caution to our group members ...

      In addition to being careful when using an
      online dating service in general, it may be
      best to be extremely careful of the online
      dating service known as 'e-Harmony'.

      Many people have been reporting that they tried the
      'e-Harmony', service, hated it, found no matches ----
      then later discovered that the owner of 'e-Harmony'
      is openly very, very, very, very much against interracial
      dating relationships and marriages; openly disapproves
      of even the mere the existence of any and all multiracial
      people; and the company tends to only hire people
      whose beliefs are in line with that of the owner's.

      The owner of 'e-Harmony' has been said to have also
      previously been closely associated with organizations
      and people that have been noted as being 'hate groups'
      and is good friends with various ultra-conservative
      organizations that despise various groups-of-color
      and have open contempt for interracial relationships
      and those of us who are the offspring of such unions
      (particularly if any black bloodlines are found therein).

      Here are comments people have
      made about 'e-Harmony' service ...


      Alan S. says:

      eHarmony? -- Oh you meah eRacism?
      Sorry to bring back the racism issue, but I have to say
      that eHarmony is the only online dating service I know
      that let's you pick ... what race you *don't* want to date…

      neil "a thotep" c. says:

      On the subject of racism, it bugs me that I've never
      seen a multi-racial couple on their commercials.


      "Daniel Lynem [send email]

      When e harmony first started I read in
      some of the material on the site at the time,
      and this came from Neil Clark himself,
      that mixing of races in marriage should not
      be done and I heard him say the same thing
      when I heard him speak at a church …
      It was in a section that talked about what
      to be careful of when finding a mate.
      He gave a number of reasons why he didn't think
      that interracial marriages where a good thing …"


      "… when it comes to sites like, e-harmony…
      Have you also noticed, every single couple
      they have ever featured is of the same race?
      A subtle or not subtle message here?"





      "Interracial Marriages: Do They Work?
      By Dr. Neil Clark Warren (Owner of `e-Harmony')

      "My concern about interracial marriages is
      really part of a larger concern about …
      my philosophy about what creates highly
      compatible, long-term relationships …
      My … practical research with couples …
      has indicated that when two people are
      highly similar, they have an easier time …
      [S]ignificant dissimilarities…will
      almost always be problematic.
      [I]nterracial relationships ... will
      require an enormous amount of
      hard work to manage, and this may
      well subtract from the energy
      needed to keep a marriage thriving."



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