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    [[ shibaji saun wrote: hi, can anyone plz help me to know what is exactly this generation mixed
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2008
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      shibaji saun <shbj_san@...> wrote:

        can anyone plz help me to know what is
      exactly this generation mixed group for !!"



      The Generation-Mixed Group 

      is essentially a truly supportive

      Network of "Family" And 'Friends'

      The Generation-Mixed group exists as -- both a
      'friendship / support network' and 'information
      resource' for people looking for a dynamic and
      positive community of  'friends' and "family" 
      --where dialogue and thoughts can be shares
      on any variety of perspectives, data, etc. on 
      topics that pertain and / or related to all
      Multi-Racial lineages and experiences.


      One of our main goals is that everyone who chooses
      to become a part of the 'Gen-Mixed' community feels
      fully-supported here in their Multicultural/Multiracial
      existence and /or that of their friend or family member.  


      Our members consists of Mixed-Race families 
      and individuals ... who are of a wide variety of
      racially-admixed chronlogies and combinations.


      We feel that having this type of 'supportive community' truly helps
      to provide our members with inspiration and role models; helps to
      stimulate our thinking;  helps to fill our need to look at matters from
      a variety of perspectives; and helps to challenge all of us in the most 
       'insightful',  'inclusive', 'constructive' and 'respectful' ways possible.

      Anyone who joins should always feel free to post at our 
      online-community -- at
      'Generation-Mixed' --anytime!!



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