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The 'Wesorts' of the southern Maryland region

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    The Mixed-Race Wesorts of the southern Maryland region The term We-Sorts is an archaic nickname for the people of Mixed-Race Lineage who are thought to
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      The Mixed-Race 'Wesorts' of

      the southern Maryland region

      The term We-Sorts is an archaic nickname for the
      people of  Mixed-Race Lineage who are thought to 
      descendants of the ** Piscataway Amerindian 
      tribal nation in Charles County, Maryland.

      The most common surnames found among the
      `Wesorts' include Proctor, Newman , Savoy ,
      Queen, Butler , Thompson, and Swann.

      Generally, those who are of `Wesort' ancestry 
      often have an appearance which can reveal their
      mixture of Amerindian, Black and White ancestry.

      A local joke by some members of the
      present day Piscataway nation is that
      the proper name of the tribe is "Wesorts" –
      as in
      "we sorts of Black, we sorts of Indian".


      The 'Piscataway' Indian Nation is a non-state and a
      non-federally recognized
      Amerindian tribal nation,
      which, at one time, was one of the most populous and
      powerful Native polities of the Chesapeake region. 


      By the early seventeenth century, the Piscataway had
      come to exercise hegemony over other
      groups on the north bank of the Potomac River .

      While Piscataway fortunes declined as the original
      Maryland colony grew and prospered, the Piscataway
      continue to be leaders among the tribal nations of
      Maryland , as well as throughout Indian Country in
      their commitment to Indigenous and Human Rights.)

      Author, Gabrielle Tayac, has written the book
      entitled 'Meet Naiche' -- which focuses on the
      life of a young person who is of Piscataway lineage.
      (The book can be ordered via 'Beyond Words Publishing')


      Tayac is a longtime resident of Takoma Park, and
      a Museum Program Specialist at the Smithsonian's
      National Museum of the American Indian.

      Wayne Carlin's novel, entitled, 'The Wished
      For Country',
      provides a fictionalized
      account of the origins of the We-Sorts




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