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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Poem - METH

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  • pierre jefferson
    Hello Lynn and Friends, Yes Lynn Meth is the strongest Evil on the drug abusing scene` it completely wipes out a persons personality, then it destroys their
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 27, 2007
      Hello Lynn and Friends,
      Yes Lynn Meth is the strongest Evil on the drug abusing
      scene` it completely wipes out a persons personality,
      then it destroys their minds and bodies leaving a real
      live zombie that walks amongst us.
      Sadly so many children are molested by meths cruel
      and abusive hand` it literally ruins their bodies in many
      cases for life.
      I have also seen many documentaries on Meth and how
      it is sweeping the Nation in all quarters of our society.
      It brings death and hopelessness with its addictive craving`
      and also dissolves your teeth away with its flesh eating
      Thank you for your compliments regarding the Poem i
      wrote on Meth, and also for the links to these web sites
      regarding meth users and other information.
      Yes we are in a drug bath` and if we are to overcome this
      epidemic we must first seek knowledge on how to prevent
      future addicts and Innocent victims from the heartless
      and cruel wrath of Methamphetamine poisoning.
      In Prayer Pierre

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      Hello Pierre and Friends,
      I'm trying to articulate a word for your poem "Meth" but my jaw is still on the floor... This is so true, so sad and so strong at the same time.
      I view meth as evil. It has so many damaging affects. 
      When a child lives in a home with a meth addict or a meth lab, their toys and clothing are often saturated with toxic chemicals. And you know what babies do--crawl on the floor, put things in their mouth, reach up high..the dangers these children live with is unbelievable. And that's just one part, the other is the abuse and negligence that often follows having a parent addicted to drugs. Or having people in your home, using or buying drugs. Or a parent selling her body for drugs... Homes used for meth labs often pose a risk to explosions or fires, the nearby homes or apartments often have to be evacuated in the decontamination process.
      The strongest impression I had about Meth was seeing a documentary on Meth babies. The newborn baby was in a hospital, laying in a basinette with no diaper or covering on his bottom. This is because the baby was born addicted to meth, and had acid in his system so when he goes to the bathroom he is burned by the acid. His legs and bottom were red and blistering-- he was screaming and screaming and could not be consoled. The absolute torment the babies are born into when the mothers abuse meth is apalling. Many of the babies are born testing positive for drugs in their system, and the affects of meth can last for a lifetime. The children often have low birth weight, no appetite, are fussy, are lethargic or depressed, have brain or neurological damage, seizures and even strokes. Then they go through withdrawl. There are not enough foster homes to meet the rising number of children affected by meth, or specially trained foster parents to meet the medical and emotional needs of these children.
      Thank-you, Pierre for sharing your poem "Meth". I really believe the public, and especially youth, needs to be warned on the dangers of meth--this is not a scare tactic, this is real. Meth kills, ruins lives and causes torment to children. Don't use meth and if you believe a child is exposed to meth in the home, get help immediately.
      In Prayer, Lynn

      More Info:

      In October 1992, Alicia Gillespie, of Corona (also in the Inland Empire), pleaded guilty to three counts of child endangerment. She was sentenced to six years in prison after her 24-day-old daughter died from methamphetamine passed through breast milk. http://independents ources.com/ 2006/09/19/ meth-breast- milk-kills- baby/

      Articles and Information about Children and Babies on Methamphetamine
      Death by Meth (A Blog on Meth created by a mother whose son was murdered due to meth)
      Suffer the Children: Pictures of Children Removed from a Meth Lab, including drawings a child made on how to manufacture meth
      Children Photo Gallery *Graphic* Photos of Children affected by meth

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