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Re: New kids' novel with biracial main character

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  • chris everett
    Sounds good, although I enjoy books, I ve always wondered if there would be any stories with a biracial character, only because it s not done too much, but
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 10, 2007
      Sounds good, although I enjoy books,
      I've always wondered if there would be
      any stories with a biracial character,
      only because it's not done too much,
      but still, if I ever run across
      it, I would love to check it out

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      Sundee Frazier <sundeefrazier@...> wrote:

      I'm new to this group, but have enjoyed the posts so far.

      My first children's novel (geared to 8-12) came out
      last week, and I thought I'd let the group know
      in case any of you are looking for resources.

      Here's a brief description:

      Like any good scientist, Brendan
      Buckley is full of questions.
      The one thing he knows not to ask about
      is the white grandfather he’s never met.
      But then Brendan discovers him at a local
      rock and mineral show, and all his plans for
      the summer take a back seat to his new mission:
      to find out where Grandpa DeBose has been . . .

      And a few review blurbs:

      Kirkus Reviews (Sept. 15, 2007):
      "Brendan is an appealing character with a
      sense of honor...curiosity and intelligence.
      A good, accessible selection to inspire
      discussion of racism and prejudice."

      School Library Journal (Oct. 2007):
      "This is an absorbing look at a 10-year-old boy ...
      who collides into years of anger and hurt in his
      family and must create a new identity for himself...
      Frazier writes affectingly about what being
      biracial means in 21st-century America."

      The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN):
      "This book portrays real feelings of a real
      bi-racial kid growing up in today's society.
      It's also just a fun read for kids, especially boys..."
      (Bill's Best Books, June 2007)

      Growing up as a child of one black parent, one white,
      I didn’t have books that reflected my family or me.
      More are being written, but the need is still there for
      positive portrayals of healthy interracial families and
      African-American people engaging in non-stereotypical
      activities (such as rock hounding and Tae Kwon Do).
      I believe Brendan’s story provides both and hope
      people of all races and ages will enjoy reading it!


      PS -- I also wrote the book "Check All
      That Apply" (for adults and teens).
      More info available on my web
      site: http://www.sundeefrazier.com

      (Delacorte Press/Random House)
      **Biracial Brendan Buckley builds a secret friendship
      with the white grandpa he's never known.**
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