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Re: Which is worst?

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  • mulatta_loca
    Yeah, it s a similar situation along the US/Mexico border, where I live. To a large extent, Language = Race. For instance, people of Mexican descent who don t
    Message 1 of 21 , Nov 10, 2007
      Yeah, it's a similar situation along the US/Mexico border,
      where I live. To a large extent, Language = Race.
      For instance, people of Mexican descent who don't speak Spanish
      are sometimes viewed as being not really Mexican or "pocho,"
      which loosely translated means "watered down," or assimilated.
      I have noticed though that my husband's family has eased up on
      me somewhat in the last year. I think this is b/c I'm now
      approaching my mid-thirties and have not expressed any
      interest in child-bearing. Hence, they're probably relieved
      at the thought that my unacceptable ways will die with me.

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      Va Murimi <vamurimi@...> wrote:

      Here in Canada, particularly Quebec, language IS race.
      My wife's family are "pur ligne" (pure line) or
      descended from the original settlers who came in 1660.
      I can speak enough to carry on a social conversation,
      but French is not my first language. As far
      as my religion, that's more problematic.
      I am an non observant Quaker and a secular
      humanist. That upsets my black family ...
      My French family has learned to accept
      that I'm not Catholic, it is less important
      because we aren't going to have any kids.

      Franklin Farmer

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      My situation is similar. I'm Multiracial: Black/White/ Latina
      and my husband is Mexican. We've been together off and on for
      around 10 yrs, and my lack of Spanish fluency as well as the
      fact that I'm not a practicing Catholic have been big issues.

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      Va Murimi <vamurimi@ .> wrote:

      I recently married a Quebecoise and spent our Thanksgiving
      in Quebec with her, French speaking only, family.
      I speak some French, but am not fluent. It was not easy for me.
      I am Tri-Racial, and the only questions from my aunts and uncles
      were "Why didn't I speak better French?, and "Was I Catholic?"
      My first wife is a White American, and 45 years ago, it
      was a different situation, my religion was not at issue.
      LOL. My French has improved because we're going to be
      going to Quebec for Xmas and no I'm not Catholic.

      Frank Farmer

      Chris everett <talloreo@ .> wrote:

      This question just popped into my head,

      I'm pretty sure everyone hear has heard "What are you?"

      But as I thought about it, remember how whenever
      I go anywhere, people tend to stare at me,
      and everynow and then, I hear about
      this from other Multi-racal people.

      So the question is here,

      What's more annoying, people asking you 'What'
      you are or people trying not to stare at you?
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