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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Greetings Elizabeth

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  • Elizabeth Atkins
    Dear Lynn: Thank you so very much for the kind note... I love the Ghandi quote at the end... Wow! Please keep in touch! Elizabeth Atkins ... Dear Elizabeth, I
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 2, 2007
      Dear Lynn:

      Thank you so very much for the kind note...
      I love the Ghandi quote at the end... Wow!

      Please keep in touch!

      Elizabeth Atkins

      --- wintyreeve@... wrote:

      Dear Elizabeth,

      I am really happy you joined our group--I am sure you will find lots of support and friendship at GM.
      Grin* We are all so mixed up that whenever someone new joins, it really is a family reunion!
      I took some thought before I wrote a reply, and I hope this doesn't sound too weird but this is what I keep coming back to...
      I read your story on your page and looked at all you have accomplished. It really struck me as such a journey that your parents went through so much, together, in order to provide you with not only material things but also the nurturing, experience and lessons that would later propel your work. I have read stories of how God will choose what family a child is born into, and usually that family will provide something that is needed for the child's spiritual growth or for a calling they have in life. It's not an "accident" that you are born into the family you have.
      I was raised in a Roman Catholic family--the implications of what your parents did (I applaud them) is beyong belief when you are raised in the church. You don't "just leave" the church--it's a life changing event. The psychological pressure and guilt can be overwhelming. Your parents are very strong and courageous. They really are an example of what true love is about. I was really touched by your story because although you struggled, it seems you always had a wall of love and family behind you. Some of the predjudices you endures, the personal struggles and feeling different--probably happened to your parents too. It sounds like they were supportive of you? Elizabeth, have not only worked to promote equality, racial tolerance and a positive identity as being racially mixed in your life but helped others as well--reached out even to those who are in need of information or understanding.
      As Ghandi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."
      Keep on writing, keep on speaking--we are all behind you. And as you will see at Generation Mixed,it's like a fire. Once the momentum gets going, another is lit by the spark and it passes on. So welcome :)

      Joy & Peace, Lynn

      My Family Page: http://www.inourhearts.wordpress.com

      My Personal Page (Photography & Writing about Experiences with Poverty, Homelessness, Faith & Violence): shadowwings.wordpress.com
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