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Re: BWWDI: 'Love Without Boundary' Panel-Discussion Event

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  • mulatta_loca
    Wow, didn t know that. The media probably doesn t call as much attention to relationships between White men and Asian women b/c that topic isn t as
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 4, 2007
      Wow, didn't know that. The media probably doesn't
      call as much attention to relationships between
      White men and Asian women b/c that topic isn't
      as sensational, and doesn't carry w/it the sort
      of cultural baggage associated w/any sort of
      Black/White relationship in the United States.

      "multiracialbookclub" <soaptalk@...> wrote:

      Good point Rosanna -- this really does sound like a great idea.

      Also, you made another good point, as well, about how things
      can often 'seem' (in regards to interracial-relationships).

      As, although 'the media' seems to only want to focus on
      the interracial-relationships that are between Black men
      and White women -- it is my understanding that the highest
      number of interracial-relationships in the United States
      are actually between Asian women and White men.

      Often, depending on the spin it wants to protray, the
      media has the uncanning ability to make things 'seem'
      to appear in a way which may not actually reflect reality.

      Have a great day, Rosanna -- and everyone else, too.

      "mulatta_loca" <rosanna_armendariz@...> wrote:

      I think it's great that there's a group
      calling attention to this topic.

      It seems that in the United States the majority of
      interracial relationships are Black men and White
      women, so it's good to hear about the other side.

      "multiracialbookclub" <soaptalk@...> wrote:

      The 'Black Women Who Date Interracially' (BWWDI)
      online social organization would like to present
      information on the 'Love Without Boundary: Black
      Women Who Date Outside-the-BOX' Panel-Discussion,
      which is to take place on Saturday, November 3rd,
      2007 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Ripley Grier
      Studios located at 520 8th Avenue / 16th Floor
      (Conference Rooms F & G) in New York, NY (10018).

      For more information on the event, please
      feel free to visit the links listed below.


      The following panelists will be speaking
      at / participating in the event:

      Nikki Doughty

      Music junkie and freelance writer, her articles have been
      published in various music and entertainment websites.
      Nikki Doughty is the Moderator & Founder of Black Women
      Who Date Interracially a social online group for black
      women who engage in interracial romantic relationships.
      She is also CEO of Multimixx, an organization that hosts
      mixers, parties and special events in New York City.
      In addition to these events, Multimixx
      actively promotes awareness, acceptance and
      discussion of interracial relationships.
      Ms. Doughty received her B.A. in Media
      Studies and Film from Hunter College.

      Wendi Muse

      Wendi Muse is the Managing Editor of The Coup Magazine, which
      focuses on issues that affect black women here and abroad, and
      the Current Events Contributor for the magazine's blog component.
      Ms. Muse is also a Special Correspondent for Racialicious,
      a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture,
      where she writes weekly articles on a wide array
      of topics ranging from reality tv to global politics.
      In addition, she also manages her own blog
      Does Race Matter? where she documents her daily
      musings on race, gender, ethnicity, and -isms galore.
      Her work has been featured in the
      UTNE Reader, and various blogs ...
      She has carried her work beyond the page through
      lectures on race and ethnicity for St. John's
      University in Queens and New York University .

      Ms. Muse is a graduate of New York University 's
      Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where
      she created a concentration in legal and cultural
      studies of oppressed and marginalized peoples,
      closing her undergraduate years with a colloquium
      on cross-cultural communication and activism.
      She plans to pursue a graduate degree and PhD
      in Brazilian Studies and Portuguese and
      hopes to continue writing in the future.

      For more of Ms. Muse's musings check
      out www.mattersofrace.blogspot.com.

      Jacquetta Szathmari

      Jacquetta Szathmari is a New York based writer and comedian.
      A native of extremely rural Maryland , she escaped to a Delaware
      boarding school where in the face of crew races and bold
      Laura Ashley floral prints, she developed a unique comic style.
      She performs and hosts in numerous local comedy clubs including
      Stand Up New York, New York Comedy Club, Comix and Laugh
      Lounge and was recently featured in a Comedy Central pilot.
      Her act is a witty, acerbic and candid commentary on
      race/class relations and the failures of modern society.

      Ms. Szathmari has been a finalist in National Geographic's
      Comedy of Travel Contest, appeared in the NYC Underground
      Comedy Festival and was a Project Breakout Finalist.
      She has been published on a leading pharmaceutical
      company's website and has written for the daily METRO.

      She holds a degree from Sarah Lawrence College in
      Medieval Studies and Theatre and has an MSTESOL.
      She is currently studying with screenwriting
      guru DB Gilles while completing
      her first feature length script.
      When not on stage she teaches academic writing
      and grammar at The New School University.
      For more information visit www.biggunsbigtobacco.com

      Ken Tanabe

      Ken Tanabe is the founder of Loving Day, a project
      that fights prejudice through education, connects
      cultures, and builds a sense of community among people
      who engage in meaningful intercultural relationships.
      Loving Day is named after a Supreme Court case
      entitled Loving v. Virginia (1967), which legalized
      Inter-Racial marriage in the United States .
      The Loving Day project encourages people to
      host celebrations on or around June 12th,
      which is the anniversary of that decision.
      Recent press for Loving Day includes pieces
      in the Washington Post, ABC, and BBC World.

      Mr. Tanabe has an MFA in Design and
      Technology from Parsons the New School for
      Design, where he is also an adjunct professor.
      He specializes in design for print,
      web, broadcast, and identity.
      Mr. Tanabe has worked on creative projects for
      brands including MTV, Samsung, and Comedy Central.
      He uses his professional expertise
      to direct and create materials
      for Loving Day. Ken Tanabe is the son of
      a Belgian mother and a Japanese father,
      and he is a first generation American.

      Learn more about Loving Day
      online at www.lovingday.org

      Erika J. Kendrick

      Erika J. Kendrick, a Chicago native, rocks out in the
      middle of Manhattan with her Himalayan hottie, Cody.
      She graduated from Stanford University with a BA
      in Psych and after a few bouts of indentured
      servitude at Ogilvy PR Worldwide and J Records,
      Erika completed her MBA and escaped to New York City .
      She snagged both her luggage and a coveted gig
      (read: "...and you'll be sharing office space
      with the warm sodas in the utility closet...")
      at the ultra-chic record label, Island Def Jam.

      Kendrick quickly took a first class flight out of her
      own minstrel mind, clicked her Henri Bendel heels
      three times, and stubbornly left the music game behind.
      She switched stilettos and hopped on a
      publishing plane after inking a 2-book deal
      in the reputable Random House literary game.
      Her first born, Confessions Of A Rookie Cheerleader:
      A Novel, dropped February 27th, the second,
      APPETITE, will follow in '08, cleverly close behind.

      In addition to working on her second sneak peak
      read, Kendrick is a television personality/host
      and the resident emcee for WOMEN WHO JAM, a
      monthly music showcase in New York City .
      She has recently been a guest host for Vibe.com and
      a guest panelist on several episodes for the
      critically acclaimed BETJ series, MY TWO CENTS.

      Kendrick is the President of Erika Benjamin Inc.
      and the President of the New York chapter of
      NABFEME - the National Association of Black Female
      Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME.org).
      Erika is a member of the Stanford Alumni Association,
      the National Association of Black Journalists,
      the National Black MBA Association and a
      recipient of several "Who's Who" honors.
      And proudly, her heart perpetually pumps
      to the oh-so-fabuloso crimson-and-cream
      stomps of Delta Sigma Theta!

      Confessions Of A Rookie Cheerleader hit bookstores
      nationwide February 27, 2007 and was named the Wendy
      Williams March Book Club Pick of the Month and
      Ebony Magazine's Top 3 Pick for April Fiction.
      The acclaimed title, Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader,
      has garnered coverage in Publisher's Weekly, Upscale
      Magazine, Romantic Times, Black Beat Magazine, Rolling
      Out Magazine, W.I.N.E. (Women In Entertainment), Ebony
      Magazine and several online publications including, but
      not limited to, Shake Your Beauty, Nia Online, Urban Reviews,
      Crème Magazine, Strive Magazine and Black Athlete Online.
      Kendrick is currently in talks with networks and
      studios to option both the television and film rights.

      Erika can be contacted at www.erikakendrick.com,
      Erika@..., as well as her blog,
      www.erikakendrick.blogspot.com, or through her agent,
      Stephany Evans, at imprintagency@....

      Maureen Tokeson-Martin

      Maureen Tokeson-Martin is a Media
      consultant with over 15 years of experience.
      She has created and produced TV pilots, as a
      partner of SteelPetal Media her company develops
      feature films, handles promotional events
      and product launches for luxury brands.
      Her company is set to launch a lifestyle
      radio program, on October 1st, "The Lux Life
      Reports" which will air on Sirus/XM radio.
      She is a soon-to-be published author
      of "How to pray a mate into your life".
      She and her husband reside in New York City .

      Maureen Tokeson began her career at Much Music
      TV in Canada acting as an assistant producer
      in entertainment – writing and scheduling
      segments for the news, arranging celebrity
      interviews, special events and
      the entertainment calendar.
      Since that time she has accumulated over
      10 years of experience in Publicity/
      Special events/TV & Film Production.

      NYC experience includes various stints with
      the cities largest Public Relations firms
      including Cohn & Wolfe, Chisholm Mingo and
      the Wachsman Cear Group working on numerous
      projects including the census 2000 campaign,
      publicity events/promotional events, product
      launches (the Discover Card featuring celebrity
      artists Tina Turner, Patrick Ewing etc…).

      Ms. Tokeson PR experience provides clients with
      expertise in business development, marketing and
      creating strategic alliances with major brands.
      The company also represented stars of Day time
      dramas, recording artists, fashion designers,
      a former Ms. Universe, hosted a book launch
      for a Patricia Hinds, editor of ESSENCE
      Magazine and co-author and editor of,
      "Making it Happen: Creating Success
      and Abundance", and a handful of
      independent feature film productions.

      Ms. Tokeson has also acted as the creator and
      executive producer for a celebrity driven
      travel and lifestyle pilot soon to air in
      addition to acting as associate producer for several
      independent films (Love Goggles, the Family Web).
      Ms. Tokeson is a member of the National Religious
      Broadcasters Association and has helped several
      productions (documentaries, TV specials) create
      programs and documentaries that appeal to the
      sensibilities of the Christian community.
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