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A Beautiful Blend: Mixed-Race in America (DVD)

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    The DVD A Beautiful Blend, Mixed Race in America
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007

      The DVD A Beautiful Blend, Mixed Race in America,
      is a documentary that explores the lives of
      various types of Multi-Racial people in America .  

      Multi-Racial and Multi-Ethnic people are everywhere:
      on magazine covers, in movies, and on television
      and in-person in everyone's everyday life.

      --- People who don't quite fit the familiar racial categories. 

      --- People –famous and not so famous-- who have inherited
      a beautiful genetic blend from parents of diverse origin.

      Many share the experience of being approached by total
      strangers who want to know 'what' they are, but do not
      seem to have much interest in 'who' they are.

      This video shows that it is clear that Mixed-Race
      people want to celebrate all of their ethnicities.

      KVIE public television explores this issue with the 
      debut of its newest production,
      A Beautiful Blend:
      Mixed Race in America
      . (check your local listings)

      A Beautiful Blend: Mixed Race in America first aired on
      public television station KVIE (Channel 6) in October 2004;
      is now
      available on DVD for purchase and includes
      the program, Hapa, One Step at a Time. 
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