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Reminder: Our 'Invitation' to be on CNN

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Hi Everybody, Just wanted to say Welcome to all of our new members -- AND -- also just wanted to send a reminder to everyone about the invitation (see below)
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 8, 2007

      Hi Everybody,

      Just wanted to say 'Welcome' to all of our new members -- AND
      -- also just wanted to send a reminder to everyone about the
      (see below) that Gen-Mixed has received for some
      of our members to have the opportunity to be on / in contact
      with CNN
      -- in order to talk about their lives; our group; etc. :)

      For those of you who feel you 'fit the bill' -- we encourage
      you to respond to 'our contact' and to find out more about
      the possiblility of either being interviewed or at least
      'having a say' in the topic that CNN is covering. ;;)

      This seems to be a really great opportunity to share with
      the world some positve truths about 'Mixed-Race people';
      'Interracial relationships'; and 'the Mixed-Race community'. =D>

      Have a great day everyone.


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      <kentanabe@...> wrote:

      'Want to be on CNN?'


      Hello everyone -

      Loving Day got a call from CNN asking
      for black/white couples, preferably with
      children, who live in or near Atlanta, GA.

      If you know anyone who fits the
      bill, please let me know ASAP --
      especially if they are willing to mention
      THIS GROUP (and/or Loving Day)
      on the air!

      Please email

      (info at lovingday dot org) - Thanks!

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