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Re: Question for the Midwesterners

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  • Yvette
    Ha, good to know. I m in Chicago (born & raised) but I know people who live near the Illinois/Indiana border. Is Lafayette near that? Richard S
    Message 1 of 37 , Sep 6, 2007
      Ha, good to know. I'm in Chicago
      (born & raised) but I know people who
      live near the Illinois/Indiana border.
      Is Lafayette near that?

      Richard S <fc15027603@...> wrote:
      Uhm... I am "from" Illinois."From" it about 44 years
      ago. lol - I was born there,but left it in time to
      go to kindergarten in Lafaeyette,Indiana back in 64.

      Yvette <vetter223@. ..> wrote:

      Hi everybody,

      I know we know have a really large number of people
      in this group, and I'm curious to know if anybody is
      from Chicago, or at least the state of Illinois.


    • vetter223@yahoo.com
      Wow, this is amazing. I couldn t get past the fact that there s a high school in it A guy I know told me that it s definitely like a small town in that it has
      Message 37 of 37 , Sep 12, 2007
        Wow, this is amazing.

        I couldn't get past the fact
        that there's a high school in it
        A guy I know told me that it's definitely
        like a small town in that it has "ritsy"
        parts to it and low-quality shady parts too.

        That's funny.

        wintyreeve@... wrote:

        [[[RE: Cool, anywhere near Mall of America?
        I heard that mall is so big,
        it is its own city. lol]]]

        The Mall of America is in
        Bloomington near the airport.

        It has in it an amusement park, a small
        high school, a water park and all the
        stores and restaurants you could think of.

        There is also an aqaurium that you can
        see sharks, eels and other fish swimming
        above your head and around you as
        you walk underneath their tank.
        The octopus is the smartest animal in
        the aqaurium--if you throw a ball to
        him he will throw it back, he also
        plays with "Mr. Potato Head".

        There is also a wedding chapel in the MOA and
        every year they have a big, huge wedding
        where hundreds of couples get married.

        The daycare in MOA is a fun too--
        its a giant jungle gym with video
        games and everything a kid could love
        (its amazing the staff is even
        able to find the kids at all!).

        Have a GREAT Day-- Lynn

        Some Fun Facts About the Mall of America:


        * Mall of America is the largest,
        fully enclosed retail and family
        entertainment complex in the U.S.
        * Seven Yankee Stadiums
        would fit inside Mall of America.
        * Mall of America's 13,300 short tons of
        steel is nearly twice the amount in the Eiffel Tower.
        * Walking distance around one level
        of all of America is .57 of a mile.
        * Spending 10 minutes in every store
        would take a shopper more than 86 hours
        to complete their visit to Mall of America.
        * More than 4,200 couples have been married
        at Mall of America since opening in August of 1992.
        * Mall of America is located on the former
        Metropolitan Sports Stadium which was home
        to the Minnesota Vikings and Twins.
        Home plate can be found in Camp Snoopy.

        * There are 30,000 live plants and
        400 live trees planted in The Park at MOA.


        The Mall of America near
        Minneapolis, MN has over 500 stores.

        It does not have a heating system.
        It relies on the heat from the lighting,
        the sunroof and all the people.

        It has its own zip code.

        It has four Gaps and an amusement park.

        It draws 40 million visitors each year;
        more than Disney World, Graceland
        and the Grand Canyon combined.

        The Mall of America is an international
        tourist attraction - more than one third
        of visitors come from over 150 miles away.

        Airlines offer travel and shopping package
        deals to shoppers from Germany, Japan,
        Switzerland, England and Australia.

        Only five miles away from the Mall
        of America is the Southdale mall.
        It was the first enclosed shopping mall ever,
        opening less than 50 years ago (October 8, 1956).

        The world's largest shopping mall is the
        West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.
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