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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Link: Anti Racist Parent

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  • pierre jefferson
    I Agree! Lynn you have over come allot of potential pain that could have swallowed your humanity, by dealing with your experiences and facing them head on. Yes
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 13, 2007
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      I Agree!
      Lynn you have over come allot of potential pain
      that could have swallowed your humanity, by
      dealing with your experiences and facing them
      head on. Yes knowledge is a empowering tool
      that can free you from the enslavement of your
      mind): its the mind that can be controlled by
      most traditional beliefs that only exist in the mind.
      Self hate feeds off its own victim like a flesh eating
      disease until the victim hates everything about
      its self. Sadly your family member who is mixed
      has suffered a flesh eating disease manifested in
      the mind! and being darker may also be a issue
      with them? but this is how race and color operates,
      if you allow it to feed off you and become you.
      Sadly racism and race related problems are so
      entrenched into the mind of the believers, until
      it may take generations of positive measures to
      remove this disease before it eventually eats
      away humanity as a whole. Even the word negro
      was created by someone of another race, actually
      negro is Spanish for black, and blanco is white`
      but when people label each other they are really
      putting serial numbers on groups to classify them
      like a caste system. Caste systems are a ancient
      method to limit certain groups while promoting
      others. No matter how qualified the other may be?
      if he or she is born in a caste system they will have
      to try twice as hard and still may only harvest far
      less than the chosen few. Millions of people may
      have great talent, but even in this market place
      only a few are allowed to rise to become famous
      Stars or successful recipients in their chosen field.
      As a specie human beings like to block others and
      make it difficult for those who have the potential
      to escape the caste system, for it gives them a since
      of power to denie or grant people the right of
      passage into the world of the successful few who
      have the power to enslaved majority.

      wintyreeve@... wrote:
      Hello Friends,
      RE: Racism also thrives on poverty and failure,it feeds off fear and self hate as it slowly infects its victim
      over time.
      This is so true, Pierre!
      I want to share this story... I have a family member who is mixed, but has a much darker complexion and also is more heavyset than me. It never has been an issue to me. I always thought that we were close.
      Well the family member and I were talking to an elder on the phone asking questions about family history--it was a friendly conversation, a getting to know you conversation.
      The family member I mentioned says, out of the blue, "Lynn is white, if you can't tell."
      My first reaction was anger--I had to hold back from snapping. I think it's okay to be angry but I think too that sometimes you have to control your emotions--or know where you can vent. Some situations are not appropriate for showing out. And I didn't want to speak rude in front of a family elder, I wanted to give a good impression.
      Then I got to thinking...where is this remark coming from? This family member and I were so close. And I think Piere is right about the poverty and failure, the fear and self hate...the way attitutes slowly infect and seem so justified...
      I had been through all those things myself but I don't seek to blame others nor do I blame myself. What really helped me is that I read alot--from a young age I was exposed to different ideas, experiences and ways of life. I was able to put my experiences in context with other experiences, and gain insights from other experiences. I was able to look at history--and develop a sense of purpose. I think knowledge is very powerful in that it opens the mind and offers a connection to the human heart--at a universal level where differences become similarities or insights are formed from challenges/experien ces.
      Thanks again for sharing!
      I am so thankful for chatting with all of you & learning so much!
      Many Blessings, Lynn

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