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  • Joseph Dung
    Thank you for clarifying these issues for me and I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. Please, I was not saying these problems and social ills be ignored. My
    Message 1 of 21 , Jul 30, 2007
      Thank you for clarifying these issues for me
      and I am truly sorry if I offended anyone.

      Please, I was not saying these
      problems and social ills be ignored.

      My concern was the need to always react to personal
      instances where bigoted people did or said something.

      I guess in a society which aims to protect free speech and
      personal liberties, empty people would always spout out
      their emptiness to the world hoping for a sympathetic hearing.

      A phrase like to "feed the troll" is apt.
      Those empty insecure people are trolls and somehow they
      like the attention their hate generates from the public
      and their victims and this motivates them to go on and on.
      Cut off their air supply--attention, and I
      suppose they would find something worthwhile to do.
      Putting them in their place does sometimes mean reminding
      the troll that his ad hominiem attack is beneath you--and
      this might mean either ignoring him or calling the cops.

      Hey, take your swastika and confederate flag
      --that is if they mean anything anyway--hang it
      anywhere around your house and lawn. But not on my lawn.

      I would definitely meet with any prejudice that
      goes out of its way to rub it all over my face.
      But I would react in a way that shows that
      I am not as insecure as the offender.

      Only insecure people have a failure
      like Hitler as a hero anyway.

      I suppose I would expect the other communities to
      react if the criminal who killed the Mixed girl was
      merely let free by the authorities and not duly punished.

      I suppose there is still justice in America right?

      Tyrone Anderson <gemini072@...> wrote:

      I agree, the people who were Civil Rights activists in
      the 50's and 60 ignored those issues long enough.
      A lot of White americans ignore the
      problem of skinheads and hate groups.
      Most of those well meaning Whites have
      kids and grandkids involved in them.
      Just last week when coming home from work there
      was a neighbor who was going to the apartment
      of another resident when I was going up the
      stairs I was right across from the door.
      When the guy opened the door I could see
      a large flag with a swastika on the wall.
      This is my neighbor.
      My family lives in a middle class predominately Jewish
      neighborhood mixed with others and a guy moved into a
      house a few blocks from the Jewish temple and hung a
      very large confederate flag in front of the house.
      I was watching a program on hate crimes and there was
      one a few years ago of a white kid who shot and killed
      a biracial(Black/ Italian) girl, while she was with her
      twin sister jumping up and down on their fathers bed.
      Their mother was Italian and no longer with the
      father, he was now married or dating a White woman.
      The kid knew this and end up in the neighborhood.
      The kid said 'He was just releasing some tension'
      by shooting a guy in a residential area.
      The mother in an interview said her son
      is not a racist and his sister said so
      too because "She is dating a black guy"
      When they interview the father (the parents
      are divorced and separated) it turned out
      the father was a top leader in the KKK.

      In the boys room were images of Hitler,
      skinhead paraphernalia and hate music.
      All the while [some] White americans
      (not all of course) are ignoring
      this problem hoping it will go away.

      mulatta_loca <rosanna_armendariz@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      Well, Joseph, I disagree that ignoring society's
      ills (racial and otherwise) will make them go away.
      Ignoring a problem never makes it go away.
      I think it's far more productive to get these issues out in
      the open and discuss them like we're doing here on this message
      board, and I don't think anyone should feel foolish for doing that.

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