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Re: When you pass

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  • kier22_2
    In my family I recently uncovered that most of my Great Grandparents on my Mothers side did pass for black when in fact they were Native American. I was told
    Message 1 of 24 , Jun 20, 2007
      In my family I recently uncovered that most of my
      Great Grandparents on my Mothers side did pass for
      "black" when in fact they were Native American.
      I was told by my Mother that at that time
      in that neighborhood it was easier to
      be "black" than Native American.

      No one even talked about it until
      I started asking questions.

      There is no doubt that I have Native American
      Ancestry if you look at my Grandparents.
      It all started when I found out that my
      Great Grandfather had Blond hair & Blue eyes ...
      everyone thought he was a very fair "black" man
      when in fact he was either Irish or possibly Italian.

      They are all dead now & it was a taboo subject
      back then so I will never truly know where
      a lot of my Mixed Heritage came from.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "eekmod" <eekmod@...> wrote:

      I guess I would use "passing" for Asian.
      I had always considered myself White.
      Grew up in White suburbia (albeit with
      a mom no one bothered to understand).
      But sometimes I use the Asian box.
      I got selected for a Getty MultiCultural Internship
      in college by emphasizing my Asian half.
      Realistically I am just as Asian as I am White,
      yet I still felt funny about it,
      like I was cheating the system.
      I think what you are culturally is more
      significant than what your heritage is.
      For instance, I think the purpose of
      the Getty internship was to get more
      MultiCultural perspectives into the art fields.
      Do I count for that, or am I too White?
      When I was (briefly) trying to get into acting,
      my agency would send me out on stuff for Asians.
      I'd get to the audition and be confronted
      with full-blooded Asians and wonder
      what the heck I was doing there.
      I would go to White auditions
      and be told I was too "exotic."
      I couldn't pass for either!
      Once I got turned down for a dang community
      theatre play because the director said,
      although I was the BEST ONE, I didn't look
      like the rest of the "family" he had picked out

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      Wendy Arimah <trinidadsvoice@> wrote:

      Just curious, with all this talk of passing,
      I assume it's in reference to
      passing for 'white', correct?

      What about those who 'pass' for 'black'? ...

      I ask because I knew a woman many years ago ... had all
      the characteristics ... of a black woman. She was darker
      than Oprah (without the lights and heavy foundation) ...

      One day, during a discussion, she mentioned
      the fact that she had White in her family.
      She then showed me a picture of her mother.
      She was the splitting image of her mother,
      except for one thing: her mother was White.
      Straight blonde hair, blue-eyed White.

      To say the least, I was shocked.
      All I could do was say 'WOW'.
      All goes to show, you never know who you're talking to.


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