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  • Heather Stimmel
    Hi, Lynn=) We moved here right after Alex (my son) turned 12. The very first year he attended public school here (he was in the 6th grade), one of his
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 18, 2007
      Hi, Lynn=) We moved here right after Alex (my son) turned 12. The very first year he attended public school here (he was in the 6th grade), one of his classmates called him the 'n' word. Alex told me he didn't tell the teacher, because he "knew" nothing would happen. I ended up calling the principal, who said, "I questioned the boy and he said he didn't say that." I was, like, "Are you serious? Did you really believe that he was gonna' say, 'Yes, I said that'?!" He said, he didn't know what to do. So, I contacted the county superintendent and explained the problem to him. He said, they had a policy against discrimination and that it wouldn't be "tolerated" in his schools. I made it very clear, to him, I KNEW they had an anti-discrimination "policy" (no matter how little it had really been enforced). Then, he went on to tell me a story about a situation his own son had encountered in school. He said, his son had blonde hair (as a child) and that all of his classmates had darker hair. Ya' know where I'm headed??? Anyhow... his son was "discriminated against," due to his blonde hair!!!! I could NOT believe he actually BELIEVED what he was saying!!!!!? I was so appalled, I half-heartedly "thanked" him and hung up. I few days later, I came in contact with a social worker... who works with many kids from the school district. I told her what had happened and she was LIVID. She said, "Are you SERIOUS? He SAID THAT??? I hope you asked him if his son marched for freedom for blonde-haired people or if he was persecuted because he was blonde?!" I laughed, but she did have a point! Ignorance like that is absolutely RIDICULOUS... especially when it involves our children. Thank God... it was Alex's last year at elementary school, and he was about to go to middle school- a very integrated middle school, where... if anything like this were to happen, the kids who did it wouldn't have walked away unharmed! He did very well at this school. I was sooooooooooo happy=) I know exactly what you mean, about Native Americans and other native peoples coming back to areas where things are "tense," to say the least. The area where we currently live was once an area of mostly Native Americans. That is probably where I get my Native American heritage from. I love learning about history... especially in regards to people of different backgrounds/heritages (other than "white"). If people, in general, would take the time to truly EDUCATE themselves on these issues, the world may just be headed in the right direction. It's just so sad that people are willing to REMAIN ignorant??! Oh well! Take care and thanks for your insights=) Sincerely, Heather 
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