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Re: Self Definition: Passing ... as Wentworth Miller

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  • Yvette
    Is the Human Stain now on DVD? I m very interested in watching it. The commercials advertising the movie before it hit theaters didn t play up the idea of race
    Message 1 of 2 , May 25, 2007
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      Is the Human Stain now on DVD?
      I'm very interested in watching it.
      The commercials advertising the movie before it hit
      theaters didn't play up the idea of race in the story.
      Instead, it was just portrayed as a dramatic film. That's it.

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      Self Definition: Passing

      ... As Wentworth Miller

      by Jonathan W. Hickman

      "But I'm not White,"
      actor Wentworth Miller told me by telephone.

      Miller plays the young Coleman Silk in THE HUMAN STAIN.

      In this new film from director Robert Benton the near
      present day Silk is played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

      I had asked Miller how he went about
      auditioning for the role of a "black" man.

      Given Miller's very light complexion, I had
      wrongfully assumed that he was Caucasian.

      "My father is "black" [categorized] and my mother is 'White'.

      Therefore --- I could answer to either ---
      which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger,
      at times, caught between two communities."

      Miller was very up front about this and given the secret
      (which has been revealed in almost every review except
      mine) of STAIN, he seems to be the perfect choice for the role.

      STAIN deals with the whole idea of "passing"
      for a different "race" than one may actually be.

      "I wouldn't defend his decision to pass but I have sympathy
      for Silk given the times in which he made his choice —
      the 1940s in which race imposed many limitations."

      Miller told me that he understood Silk's problem and his
      decision to deny who he was but that such a decision
      meant that he had to live a life of fear, guarded.

      THE HUMAN STAIN was very personal
      for Miller due to the issue of "passing."

      Miller told me that while he was making the movie he was
      reminded of a quote from Toni Morrison's novel BELOVED:

      "definitions belonged to the
      definers--not the defined."...

      Source: http://www.einsiders.com/features/interviews/wentworthmiller.php
      Related Link: http://www.moviecrazed.com/critics/humanstain.html
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