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The potential power of Multiracial Unity

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    ... This is a brief analysis regarding the ... Multiracial Unity could have the effect and result of `strengthening (rather than `diluting or `dividing )
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2005
      This is a brief analysis regarding the
      potential `impact' of Multiracial Unity:

      Multiracial Unity could have the effect and result of `strengthening'
      (rather than `diluting' or `dividing') ---- in both a socio-political
      and a socio-economical context ---- the impact of those who
      (either via their individual and/or ethnic lineage) are mixed-raced

      If `political, social or economic empowerment' is a goal for
      any one particular group, the first thing the group must do
      is to make every reasonable effort to establish itself as
      being `inclusive' of ALL who `would be considered' or
      `identified' as being within or a part of that grouping.

      In order to be more `inclusive' -- the `definitions'
      of and `descriptions' for said group must be such that
      they are broad, non-divisive and all-encompassing --
      in the acceptance of a person's full lineage as well as
      supportive of how any given person may choose to "identify".

      Thus it is a very empowering step for the individuals and people
      groupings (who are of a racially-mixed heritage) to choose to
      acknowledge their full lineage, as well as their `identification',
      as being `multi-racial' (rather than choosing to continually and
      falsely attempt to "pass" themselves off as being `mono'-racial).

      In doing so, those who are also members (in whole or in part)
      of any particular multi-racial ethnic group would, thus,
      not feel a need or pressure to `fragment' themselves or to
      `deny' or downplay any portion of their heritage or lineage.

      Once the fully-mixed lineage of the various Multi-Generational
      Multiracial (MGM) ethnic groups (ex. Arab, Latino, Melungeon,
      Creole, `African-American', East Indian Dalit, etc.) is openly
      and 'publicly acknowledged and embrace, the person who is of any
      `part' of said ethnicity could quite truthfully state, for example,
      "I am a Mixed-raced person and my ethnicity is AA, Irish,
      and German" -- with no further explanation or any need
      to try to divide up their MGM lineage and heritage.

      This is much in the same vein as what entertainer,
      Mariah Carey, has always done in stating that she is
      a "mixed" (tri-racially) person of Irish, African-American
      (AA) and Latino Ethnicities and in her acknowledgment
      that the majority of the people who belong
      to both the Latino and the AA Ethnicities
      are actually also of "mixed" lineage.

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      [[One of the topics covered in the links deals with
      the matter of society beginning to `openly' recognize
      and embrace the following facts about the group currently
      being mis-nomered under the term `African-American' (AA):
      *** The AAs are an "Ethnic" (not racial) group
      *** The majority (+70%) of the AAs are
      `Multi'-racial (not `Mono'-racial).
      *** The majority of the `multi'-racial AAs who refer
      to themselves by the term `black' are referring to
      their "socio-political identity", and not to
      their full or predominant `racial lineage'.]

      This group has existed for more than 350 years and began
      becoming `mixed' / `multi' "racial" within the first generation
      that came into existence in the united States of America.

      The reason people might erroneously perceive of this
      `ethnic' group as being `new' is because – in the past,
      it has been mis-nomered as being a "MONO-racial" RACE
      category rather than a "MULTI-racial" ethnic category.

      Because the majority of the AAs are of a lineage of being
      `continually admixed' (i.e. `mixed'+'mixed'='mixed'), they
      have remained "mixed" throughout their familial lineage and
      have not become "mono"-racials (by any definition) of any sort.]]

      --Moderator ©, 2005 (Yahoo.Groups: 'Generation-Mixed')
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