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The Gen-Mixed 'Social Directory'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Hello Gen-Mixies , Just wanted to remind everybody that our `Gen-Mixed site does have a folder containing a `Social Directory . The Directory was created
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2007
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      Hello 'Gen-Mixies',

      Just wanted to remind everybody that our `Gen-Mixed' 
      site does have a folder containing a `Social Directory'.

      The 'Directory' was created for members to be able
      to both find other `Gen-Mixies' who may be located
      close to them and perhaps arrange to meet for social
      (or, perhaps we can call them 'Gen-Mixers')
      such as coffee breaks, picnics, movies,  etc. :)

      Hopefully – as the group continues to grow and
      members get to know each other – it can be used
      as our own sort of `Gen-Mixed' Social-Registry. ;;)

      The `Gen-Mixed' Social Directory / Registry can be
      found in the `Files' folder under the following link:


      In order to `Register' – please just feel
      free to follow the steps listed below.

      STEP 1

      Select the file folder which contains your
      regional-location (if none exists, contact group
      moderator and request that one be created).

      STEP 2

      Click on the `Add File` link:


      When at the `Add File` page, you can take the following steps:

      A) Place your `name' in `File Name'

      B) Place `city / state' (if you are in the United States )
      or your `city, province, nation' (if you are outside
      of the United States ) in `Description'


      c) Place 'any other data' on you (ex. hobbies,
      interest, etc.) in `File Content'

      STEP 3 

      Click the `Create File' Button


      There is no need to address the `Auto-send to Members' option
      but – if you'd like, you can choose the `Notification' option.

      -- M

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