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The development of slavery and racism -- an outline

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    African Americans as a Minority-- Racial Purity Laws ____________________________________ _http://www.people.vcu.edu/~jmahoney/lec08net.htm_
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      African Americans as a Minority-- Racial Purity Laws

      This link is very informative as well as horrifying ... it is a short
      historical outline of racism and racial purity laws in America,
      ---- with emphasis on "Mulattoes" or Mixed-blood Americans.
      The development of slavery in America, driven by
      cheap labor and the need for "economic gain".
      Although I would also argue that the development of slavery
      was also a bid for social and political dominance.

      This article starts in Britain, with a shortage of indentured servants
      lead to seeking servants in Africa -- and that the first Africans
      were "free", although treated as inferior to Whites.
      Two concepts from which racism develop are also discussed:
      that since Africans are not [White] "christians", they are savage and
      uncivilized. Also, the color of their skin was associated with "evil".
      Soon control and dominance over slaves developed, as did a need
      to control the children born of rape between slaves and Whites.

      The outline discusses penalties for intermarriage and "committing
      fornification" from the 1600's to 1932, blood quantum laws
      from 1785-1924 and how Whites began to establish
      themselves as a separate and "superior" race.

      After society has a fixed notion of racial superiority
      that is strengthened by racist genetic "evidence" Jim
      Crow laws develop to separate the races; in which
      White racial superiority is firmly established.
      This outline is a good place to start to get an
      understanding of the development of slavery and
      racism, also a good springboard for research.
      ~ Lynn
      III. Racial Purity Laws:

      Phase One: Legislate against the ACT of interracial marriage.

      1662 Any Christian committing fornication with a Negro man or woman:

      Penalty: "Double the fines of a former act" (In 1657, ACT XIV was passed
      imposing a fine of 500 pounds of tobacco (or whipping) for fornication.

      1691 Racial intermarriage between Whites, (bond or
      free) with a Negro, Mulatto or Indian (bond or free)

      Penalty: Banishment from Virginia forever

      1705 Racial intermarriage between White Christian and any of following;
      Negro, Mulatto, Indian, Jew, Moor, Mohammedan or other infidel

      Penalty: All White (indentured) servants belonging
      to the White Christian are to be set free

      1705 Racial intermarriage between free White man or woman with a Negro

      Penalty: 6 months in prison without bail; fine of 10 pounds to the parish;
      ministers performing marriage fined 10,000 pounds of tobacco

      1753 Racial intermarriage between a free English or White man or
      woman and a Negro or Mulatto man or woman, bond or free

      Penalty: 6 months in prison without bail; fine of ten pounds to the parish

      1792 Racial intermarriage between free White men and White
      women with Negroes or Mulattoes bond or free

      Penalty: 6 months in prison; fine of $30.00 for the use of the parish;
      ministers who marry Negroes and Whites fined $250.00 per marriage

      1818 Leaving the state to avoid certain sections of the marriage law of 1792

      Penalty: punishment to be the same as if the offense
      were committed in the Commonwealth

      [There were three additional laws passed in the 1800s
      -- 1848; 1878; 1879-- that have been omitted here].

      1932 Any White person intermarrying with a Colored person
      or any Colored person intermarrying with a White person

      Penalty: felony conviction; confinement in penitentiary from 1 to 5 years

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