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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

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  • Keesha
    Thank you very much for the warm welcome. A bit about me I am a 31 year old single mother of a beautiful 13 year old daughter. After losing everything in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2007
      Thank you very much for the warm welcome.
      A bit about me I am a 31 year old single mother of a beautiful
      13 year old daughter. After losing everything in Hurricane Rita
      in 2005 after relcoating to Cali its been nothing but a blesing.
      I feel at home and very thankful for my new friends and family.
      I love to do everything from traveling to cooking and having
      blockbuster nights. Right now being settled I am looking to meet
      new friends who enjoy the things I like especially anything cultural.
      You asked about my lineage and here it is...

      Mother Side
      1.(Moms Mother)Grandmother-African American/Italian/German/French
      2.(Moms Father)Grandfather-Irish/Cherokee Indian
      3.(Grandmother's Mom)Great Grandmother-Italian/German/African American
      4.(Grandmother's Father)-Great Grand Father-French(France not
      Creole)/African American/Cherokee Indian
      5.(Grand Fathers's Mom)-Great Grandmother-Irish
      6.(Grand Fathers's Father)-Great Grandfather-Cherokee Indian

      Dad's Side
      1.(Dads Mother)-A Grandmother African American/Cherokee Indian
      2.(Dads Father)-African American
      3.(Grandmothers Mom)-Great Grandmother-Cherokee Indian
      4.(Grandmothers Father)- Great Grandfather-African American
      5.(Grandfathers Mom)- Great Grandmother-N/A
      6.(Grandfathers Father)-Great Grandfather-N/A

      I know its alot especially on my mothers side but no matter what
      anyone says we all have the best of both worlds oh yeah I found
      out way back there is Asian traced on my mother's side and per
      her she said that is probably why my eyes are the way they are.
      Its beauttiful to be diverse though it can be painful at times.
      My experiences have been far and between.Growing up I lived in
      a upper class caucasian neighborhood and went to private school.
      When I attended public school I was in high school and I had issues
      with some african american students which growing up you were taught
      that no matter what the "1 drop" rule people see you as "black".
      I had all kinds of friends from goth/skaters to jock/cheerleaders
      and what we had in common was our intelligence.I wish people would
      stop looking on the outside and get to know people on the inside.
      Anyways some of my african american classmates gave me grief
      about everything from my dress, speech, home, and I was never
      considered "black" because of my complexion, hair and eyes.
      It hurt a lot and I was always taught to love and had to
      accept everyone doesnt feel or wasn't raised the way I was.
      Over the years I have learned alot and it still every now and then
      happens the crazy comments but I pray about it and give it to God.
      Has anyone else every experienced this?
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