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Re:Black Like I Thought I Was (Article)

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  • Heather Stimmel
    I ve heard stories like Joseph s, and... I happen to agree with him. He s right- when you ve been raised, all your life, to believe you re one race, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 11, 2007
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      I've heard stories like Joseph's,
      and... I happen to agree with him.
      He's right- when you've been raised, all your
      life, to believe you're one "race," and later
      find out you're anything BUT... what DO you do?
      Sure, you could drop everything you've been taught,
      everything / everyone you've always known; but,
      would that be logical, or HUMANE? I don't think so.
      I agree with Joseph, as well, when he says he's not hiding the
      fact that he's not "black," colorstill sharing the DNA test outcome
      with his family (why lie, either?), but... for him to just up
      and change his life all around in that dramatic of a manner...???
      That doesn't even make sense, really. I don't know.
      It's kind of how I feel about living my whole life
      thinking I'm just "white," but later hearing that
      I could have Native American ancestors, as well.
      I've researched and read and dug,
      and dug, for information. Nothing.
      What DO YOU DO? Do you continue living as ONLY
      "white" (I can't) or do you claim a piece of
      heritage that you're not really even sure exists?
      I don't know. I know, if I was as old as Mr. Joseph
      and had always been led to believe that I was
      "black" color, I would "stick with hat."
      I don't think I'd be able to do that
      with the "white" part, though.
      If I later found out I wasn't JUST "white," I'd
      have to change my ways. I'd be ignorant, otherwise.
      That's just my 2 cents! Heather

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