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Spotlight on: 'Dr. Robin Smith'

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    Spotlight on: Dr. Robin L. Smith [Image Preview] Dr. Robin L. Smith is a national television personality, author, keynote speaker and licensed psychologist.
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      Spotlight on:

      Dr. Robin L. Smith

      Image Preview

      Dr. Robin L. Smith is a national television personality,
      author, keynote speaker and licensed psychologist.

      Whether on television or addressing one of her
      convention or seminar audiences -- 'Dr. Robin'
      --as she is affectionately called, is best known
      for delivering a powerful and practical message.

      Dr. Robinis a regular contributor
      to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

      In addition to Dr. Robin's busy media and keynote
      speaking schedule, she maintains a restricted
      private practice in Philadelphia and is the
      Founder and President of Ordered Steps
      International, Inc., a business-consulting firm.

      She develops seminars and workshops for
      corporations and organizations nationwide.

      Dr. Smith can be found delivering a
      address at a university,
      speaking to a group of
      youth at an inner
      city school, or working with
      the senior
      leadership in a corporation – as she
      equally at home in these diverse worlds.

      Dr. Robin Smith

      Per Dr. Robin:

      "There have always been wise people in the
      world who inspired me to maximize my potential.

      The Greek word, `Physis', means,
      "to become all that is intrinsically
      possible … all that we can be".

      Although this was the positive message of my
      childhood, my life was not working for me…although
      it looked from the outside like it was almost perfect.

      My father and mother were
      loving participants in my life.

      I watched them as they marched with
      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and committed
      their lives to the message of love and justice.

      My father, Warren E. Smith, M. D.
      was a pioneer and trendsetter in the
      medical and Civil Rights communities.

      As an
      African-American physician, who
      ultimately made his home in the field of
      psychiatry, he devoted his life to quality
      medical and psychiatric care for all people.

      My mother, Rosa Lee Smith, over fifty (50) years
      ago, was one of the first
      to graduate with a Master's degree from
      Bryn Mawr School of Social Work.

      Trusted by all races, ethnicities and faiths, by men,
      women, and children, those with an education and
      those without, the wealthy and the poor, my parents
      were a bridge between diverse communities that
      knew only them as their shared common bond.

      It was on their shoulders that I came to see the world.

      I watched how my parents lived their
      lives, knowing that I wanted some
      of what they possessed.

      They had the ability to Inspire and
      Influence, and they had the capacity to
      be Inspired and Influenced by others.

      I did not know at the time that this
       was the secret of Inspiration Power.

      At an early age I saw the value in building
      healthy bridges between people.

      I knew then that I wanted to do that too.
      It was going to be my life's purpose.

      I wanted to be an architect of people.

      I wanted to help empower people
      to build healthy relationships.

      There was just one BIG problem.

      I first needed to design and build a bridge
      of self-worth and Inspiration for myself.

      This turned out to be no small task.

      I found myself struggling to identify
      where I belonged in the world,
      and what truly Inspired me.

      By the world's standards, I was doing great.

      I was educated in great schools, had traveled around
      the world, was building a successful private practice,
      and started pursuing a career in television.

      Yet, something was missing.

      What was missing was a secure
       personal sense of my worth,
      value and purpose.

      I finally found my way to Inspiration Power.

      Through Inspiration Power, I came to
      experience my worth and value in the world.

      I came to understand that I was enough, and
      that I had something to give back to the planet.

      Most importantly, I became Inspired to
      live my best life…to be all that I could be.

      Inspiration Power taught me that failure,
      heartache, and disappointment were my
      personal teachers, and compassion for
      others and myself was my constant tutor.

      This was not quite how I imagined I would
      become a powerful player in the world.

      This was not an overnight process.

      Actually, I call it "
      my long journey
      home" - home to Inspiration Power.

      I went from being a young uncertain child
      and woman who had something to prove to
      a truly secure Inspiration-empowered woman.

      I reclaimed my worth and value…and
      now, I had nothing to prove to anyone.

      This journey led me to creating and now leading 
      Inspiration Power for audiences across the country."


      www.omagazine.info/ oyou/smith.asp 

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