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The Mixed-Race 'Mayle' / 'Male' Family

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    The Mixed-Race Mayle / Male Family George Male / Mayle George Male Cassandra Myers-Male A. C. Mayle Family Jon & Sheryl Grimes - Circa late 1890s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2007

      The Mixed-Race 'Mayle' / 'Male' Family

      George 'Male' / 'Mayle'


      George Male

      Cassandra Myers-Male


      A. C. Mayle Family
      Jon & Sheryl Grimes - Circa late 1890s


      Cassandra Male


      Bessie Male


      Jeremiah & Heidi Male-Myers
      Jeremiah  (1870) 

      William Male was born about 1758 and died in the late 1840's. 

      The family eventually settled in the early 1800's in the Cove
      District of what is now Kasson, Barbour County West Virginia. 

      It is known from his Last Will and Testament
      filed in Barbour Co. in 1848 that he owned land. 

      His wife preceded him in death. 

      His will lists several children, among them
      William Male, Jr., born about 1804. 

      He married Mary Ann Hill about 1828. 

      In the 1850's he took his family to Morgan County ,
      Marion Township , Ohio , where William I lived and died. 

      William Male, Jr. had several children, one
      of whom was George W. Male born in 1841. 

      George Male married Cassandra Myers on
      June 17, 1865 in Morgan County, Ohio. 

      Their children were:

      Conelai Jane (Janie), Lincoln (Link),
      Mahalia (Hadie), Henry and Bessie.

      George W. Male died on the family farm on
      November 17, 1901, in Blanchard , Michigan . 

      A few years later, the family moved to Portland , Oregon . 

      Some of the family stayed there. 

      Cornelia Jane (Janie) married George H. Norman

      in Michigan and then went west with her family. 

      Cornelia Jane had four children: 

      Christella (Stella), Harry, George Lindley and Raymond.



      Pictures Courtesy of Phyllis Lett-Sherrill,
      Marvin Lett, Barb Nelson & Jon & Sheryl Grimes

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