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The Mixed-Race 'Norman' Family

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    Descendents of Grandison Norman Horace Norman (Grandison s Son) William (Harve) Norman & Wife Mary Phillips (Grandison s Son) Joseph (Dow), William, George &
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      Descendents of Grandison Norman

      Horace Norman (Grandison's Son)

      William (Harve) Norman & Wife

      Mary Phillips (Grandison's Son)


      Joseph (Dow), William, George & John Norman

      Marquis & Joseph Dow Norman

      Sons of George Norman

      Grandsons of Grandison I

      Marquis DeLafayette Norman

      Joe Dow & Mary Harding-Stevens

      (Thompson) Norman

      Wilbur Norman - Zanesville, OH with
      the Benney Goodman Band 1949-50


      Brief History - Grandison Norman Family


      Grandison and Anna (Combs) Norman married
      October 20, 1809 in Washington County
      (OH), where all of their children were born. 

      According to the Ohio Census and marriage records,
      it appears they settled in Ohio between 1800-1809. 

      Their children were: 
      George, Theodore, Jesse, David, Grandison,
      Marquis, Ellen, Gilbert, Hiram and Henry.  

      Women were not included in
      the Ohio Census until 1850;
      therefore, information listed in the 1840 Ohio
      Census was limited to males of each family

      Those named were:
      Grandison, David, Jesse and George. 


      The children of George and Mary (Stevens) Norman,
      oldest son of Grandison and Anna (Combs) Norman were: 

      Grandison, Michael, George, William, Horace,
      Eliza, Elizabeth, Joseph D. and Marcus. 

      The children coming to Michigan were: 
      Michael, Eliza, Joseph D. and Marcus. 

      Grandison married Rebecca Harris on April 22, 1858. 

      They had no children. 

      He was in the Civil War. 

      His property is now a Michigan Centennial Farm. 

      Grandison, son of George and Mary Stevens Norman
      bought land in Michigan before the Civil War. 

      There is a land grant signed by President Grant to Grandison Norman.

      SOURCE: http://www.oldsettlersreunion.com/george_e.htm

      Pictures Courtesy of Deonna (Todd) Green, Marguerite
      Henry Burke & Wilbur Norman

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