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The Mixed-Race 'Harper-Cross' Families

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    The Harper-Cross Families Thomas W. Cross Catherine Harper-Cross Thomas Cross Family Ida, Joe, Arilla and Lella Cross Back: Sam Cross Thomas W. Cross was
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      The Harper-Cross Families

      Thomas W.  Cross


      Catherine Harper-Cross


      Thomas Cross Family


      Ida, Joe, Arilla and Lella Cross

      Back:  Sam Cross

      Thomas W. Cross was born February
      1, 1826, in Louden County, Virginia. 

      His father--Mr. Lee (first name unknown), came to
      America from England and settled in Louden County,
      Virginia, where he became a plantation owner. 

      His mother, Ms. Cross (first name
      unknown) was a slave on the Lee Plantation. 

      In 1851 at the age of 25, Thomas
      moved to Hocking County, Ohio. 

      It was said, that his father took
      him there to give him his freedom.

      On October 7, 1852, Thomas was
      united in marriage to Catherine Harper. 
      Catherine and Thomas had 12 children, eight
      born in Ohio and the youngest in Michigan. 
      Their names were:  Elizabeth, John, Joseph,
      Mary, Elsworth, Thomas, Edward, Catherine
      Jane, Amos, Ida, Priscilla and James W. 

      On June 22, 1863, at the age of 37, Thomas
      enlisted into the Army, in Athens, Ohio. 

      He spent three years with the Wagner Co. C5 Reg.
      United States Colored Infantry of the Civil War, serving
      with the Ambulance Detail in Virginia and the Carolina's. 

      He, as a Colored soldier, received
      one-half the pay rate of a White solider. 

      Thomas was mustered out of the
      Army on September 20, 1865. 

      He returned to Ohio.

      Thomas bought a farm in 1869
      two miles north of Remus, MI. 
      Because it was inexpensive to buy land he was
      able to purchase 40 acres for a price of a horse. 
      He owned a total of 160 acres. 

      Their son Amos was born in 1870. 
      Amos married Mary Mumford in 1893. 
      To this union six children were born: 
      Homer, Arthur, Anna, Roscoe, Evelyn and Clifford. 
      They stayed on the family farm. 
      Amos Cross died in 1957 at the age of 87
      and Mary died in 1960 at the age of 84.

      Pictures Courtesy of Judy Caldwell, Fern Johnson-Cross & Stanley Cross

      SOURCE: http://www.crossfamily1869.com/index_files/page0002.html

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