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The Mixed-Race 'Caliman-Guy-Brown' Families

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    David F. Caliman Submitted by: Robert Lett & Peter Byrd David F. Caliman David Caliman was was born in 1853 in the Lett Settlement of Muskingum County, Ohio.
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      David F. Caliman

      Submitted by: 
      Robert Lett
      & Peter Byrd

      David F. Caliman

      David Caliman was was born in 1853 in the
      Lett Settlement of Muskingum County, Ohio. 

      He was the great grandson of Moses and Henrietta Caliman. 

      He was the grandson of Benjamin Caliman and Elizabeth Perrill. 

      He was the youngest son of Moses Caliman II and
      Harriet Norman, the first marriage of Moses Caliman II.

      The source of this information is "A Caliman History" recorded
      by Waylon Caliman Sr. in 1931 for a reunion near that time. 

      Waylon Sr. was the son of Henry Wyatt Caliman,
      a son of Moses II and Rebecca  Anderson Caliman.

      His early life is described as one dedicated to hard work on
      the family farm which limited his studying to the winter months. 

      He completed his high school study at the age of 19 in Zanesville,
      Ohio's public schools and earned a certificate to teach school. 

      He thereafter taught school for 9 years in the
      communities of; Middleport, Troy and Barnesville Ohio.

      Also, on an 1880 Federal Census from Belmont County, Ohio
      (town of Barnsville) where David F. is shown with his wife
      Lucy and their daughters Della and Lura, it indicates
      that both his parents and he were born in Ohio.

      In 1881 he became a licensed minister and while
      continuing pastoral work he attended Ohio Wesleyan University
      for three years being ordained as a deacon and elder of the church. 

      In 1891 he became a pastor in the Chartier St. Church
      in Allegheny Pennsylvania and thereafter served as pastor
      in Washington, Pennsylvania before returning to the state of Ohio.

      In the book, "The Sons of Allen, History of the A. M. E. Church"
      the Rev. David F. Caliman is described as (a) having a peculiar
      sweetness of singing voice and (b) "pressing the gift considered  
      so desirable by the psalmist of having the pen of a real writer".


      Moses & Benjamin Caliman Families

      Moses Caliman, Sr.
      Picture Courtesy of Peter Byrd


      Ann (sometimes called Anna) Caliman-Guy
      Picture Courtesy of Peter Byrd


      Henrietta Guy-Brown (born 1833 in Meigs County, OH)
      James G. Brown born 1830 in Meigs County, OH
      The occasion - 50th wedding anniversary.

      According to Peter Byrd, Ann (sometimes called
      Anna) Caliman Guy, was the wife of Amos C. Guy. 

      Ann was born August 8, 1813 in Frederick, MD and was
      the daughter of Moses Caliman, Sr. and Henrietta Perrill.  

      Records show that her father was born in New Jersey
      in 1765 and her mother was born in Frederick, MD.

      Ann was the mother with Amos, Henrietta Guy-Brown who married
      James Guy Brown, the son of Charles M. Brown and Lydia Guy. 

      His mother, Lydia, a sister of Amos C. Guy
      and daughter of James A. "Grandpa" Guy.

      The Calimans lived in Meigs County but moved to Jefferson City, MO
      around 1878 with their children, Francis (b 1853), Cassius (b 1855),
      Florance Amelia (b 1857) (my great great grandmother), and Mary P. (b 1869). 

      James G. Brown's mother died and Charles M. Brown (b 1801
      in Virginia) married Martha Barrett (born 1807 in Virginia).

      Menzo Caliman


      Left:  Moses Caliman (John's Father)
      John & Grace Caliman Family
      Clare, Veda, Esta, Menzo & Jay Caliman


      Ola and Al Caliman


      Grace and John Caliman


      John & Grace Caliman 50th Wedding Anniversary


      Clark Caliman


      Front:  Faye, Veda, & Mr. Caliman
      (Sitting) Merle Caliman,
      Tom Guy (Sitting)
      Marie Caliman, Lina Belle Guy (Sitting)
      Jay & Menzo Caliman
      Back:  John, Grace (Guy), &
      (Holding) Esta Caliman


      Al Caliman and Merle


      Merle and Marie Caliman

      The Caliman's, along with the Sawyer, Guy, Lett, Segee and Tate
      families started migrating to the Michigan area around 1863. 

      They were from Indiana and Southwestern Ohio,
      settling in Van Buren, Montcalm and Isabella Counties. 

      There are two different families of Calimans listed. 

      Here are some of their generations.

      Benjamin Caliman was married to Elizabeth (Perrill). 
      They had nine children. 
      Their daughter Sara Jane (1833 - 1897) was born in Virginia
      and married Aquilla Lett April 4, 1856.  (SEE OTHIAS LETT). 

      Moses Caliman married Amanda Lett. 

      They lived in Ohio and had two sons, John and Allan. 

      John Henry Webster Spring Caliman, the oldest son of Moses and
      Amanda Caliman, was born December 8, 1869 at Cumberland, Ohio. 

      He came to the mid-Michigan area where he met Grace
      Blanch Guy, daughter of Thomas and Lina Bell Guy. 

      John and Grace were married, January
      6, 1902, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. 

      Their children were Oscar Menzo, Jay D., Fay Dewit,
      Veda L., John H., Esta Mae, Clair Guy and Dale Wayne.


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