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The Mixed-Race ' Nelson' Family

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    The Nelson Family John Nelson Family Front: Ada, John, Sadie, Berice, Ada, Milo Back: James, John, Pearl, Raymond, Hattie, Hazel, Claude Ada Mae
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      The Nelson Family


      John Nelson Family
      Front:  Ada, John, Sadie, Berice, Ada, Milo
      Back:  James, John,  Pearl, Raymond, Hattie, Hazel, Claude


      Ada Mae Harding-Nelson & 
      Jessie Smith - (1898) 


      Ada Mae Harding-Nelson

      See Harding Web Page

      Faye Nelson


      Morris Nelson, Sr. Family

      Kneeling from left to right: 
      Carolyn (granddaughter), Gordon, Ann, and Betty
      Standing from left to right: 
      Gwendolyn, Bernadine, Marjourie, Donald, Geraldine,  
      Morris, Sr., Winifred, Doris, and Waynard


      Gwendolyn Nelson Skinner
      (Circa 1944)
      Daughter of Morris Sr.
      Marjourie Nelson

      Gwendolyn Nelson-Skinner
      Kenneth Skinner
      (son of Arthur Skinner
      Minnie Kidd Skinner
      John Cummings Family) 

      Gwendolyn Nelson Skinner with
      children Derelys and Dennis

      Marriage license for Soloman
      Jessie Harding
      Ada & Mary's parents (1879)

      John Nelson was born a slave in 1830 in Louisville, Kentucky. 

      He escaped from his slave master, George Lynn in 1854. 

      After running away, he changed his name to
      Alexander Carter and fled to Marrow, Ontario, Canada. 

      He remained in Canada until 1860. 

      While in Canada he met and married Harriet Mulder born in 1842. 

      They were married at Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 25, 1860. 

      In March 1865, John enlisted in the United States Army. 

      He was inducted at Lockport, New
      York, and was sent to Massachusetts. 

      For medical reasons he was discharged at
      Wilmington, North Carolina in April 1865.

      John and his family moved to Ypsilanti,
      Michigan, where they lived until 1880. 

      They then moved to Leslie, Michigan,
      where they lived until 1884. 

      In 1884 they moved to the McBride-Stanton area. 

      In 1885 they homesteaded the property of
      which a part is still in the Nelson family. 

      After John's death in 1906, Harriet received a pension
      of $8 per month from the United States Army. 

      She received this pension until her death in 1923. 

      John and Harriet Nelson died and are buried
      in the McBride Cemetery, McBride, Michigan. 

      Their children are: 
      Eliza, Sarah, Annie, John, James,
      Robert, Forrest, Morris and Winifred.

      SOURCE: http://www.oldsettlersreunion.com/john_nelson.htm

      Pictures:  Courtesy of Ada (Nelson) Palmer & Derelys Brown
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