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Re: LIGHT SKINNED DARK SKINNED GOOD HAIR.....................................

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  • bay4tay
    Hi, i know what you are talking about. My parent (well my stepdad to be specific) is black is always going on about how he ll be disappointed if i end up
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 12, 2007
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      i know what you are talking about. My parent (well my stepdad
      to be specific) is "black" is always going on about how he'll
      be disappointed if i end up marrying a white guy. He wants me
      to marry a black, african guy and this would make him very happy.
      Contrary to the fact that i ignore this and don't take any interest
      whatsoever, in who he thinks i should marry. I think to myself,
      if it wasn't for my white dad, would i exist today?
      And is he also trying to tell me that he's disappointed
      that my mum married one, let alone had kids with one?
      This tells me he doesn't care whether am happy or not and whether
      i marry a guy for love or not rather than race or nationality.
      There can't be any love in being forced to marry
      somebody i don't like, let alone love...???

      My friends also seem to classify me as black and when i start
      acting or behaving out of that category, they say "its the
      white in me coming out." Thay seem to want to make me choose
      between black and white!!.... and although i tell them there's
      no way i can choose either and that am mixed race, they
      then tell me am confused and don't know who or what i am.

      Don't get me wrong, i know exactly who and what i am but
      choosing between the two is like asking me to choose
      between my mum and dad and i just can't do that.
      Without either, i won't be here today, would i?

      Has anyone ever made you choose or made you categorise
      yourself although you may not have given into it?....

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      "lmcofie" <lmcofie@...> wrote:

      Hello ... dont know what its like in the rest of the world,
      but growing up in the UK there have been some annoying
      frustrating things ........... like some black relatives of mine
      not understanding why i married such a darkskinned man!!!!!!!! .....
      why i didnt straighten my hair and grew dreds ..... im fairly pale,
      and some relatives, when i went to the westindies some years ago
      actually asked me why didnt i marry a white man to get lighter kids!
      i have one black cousin who thinks that 'racemixing
      causes too much problems, and if theres a race war,
      where will people like me stand' what can you say?
      now im in my 40's, i listen to what music i like, i live
      where i like, i dress how i like, i speak how i like
      .......... growing up in london and being mixed race, people
      just assume you will take the black side, and treat you as black.
      Im not, im mixed, im me..........its taken me a long time
      to get here, and i hope im passing on 'you are you' to my
      kids ........ sorry for the rambling, your views please.
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