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Spotlight on: 'Herb Metoyer'

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    Spotlight on Herb Metoyer http://www.herbmetoyer.com [Herb Metoyer sitting on the Gallery of a Louisiana Plantation] Herb
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2007
      Spotlight on 'Herb Metoyer' 

      Herb Metoyer sitting on the Gallery of a Louisiana Plantation

      is a
      Louisiana Creole
      gentleman who was
      graduated from Southern
      University, Baton Rouge,
      LA at the early age
      of nineteen (19).

      He is a retired military officer
      helicopter pilot, and a
      recent retiree from General
      Motors where he served as
      Test Engineer in GM's
      Testing Laboratories
      currently the Chief Financial
      Officer for the
      Detroit Writer's
       and Cane River Media

      Herb is an accomplished
      composer who experiments
      with all music genres.

      And although he has composed
      a number of jazz songs, his
      favorite medium is 'Folk'.

      You might say that he is
      musically enhanced
      "Storyteller" "Poet".

      Much of his music concerns Civil Rights,
      people & children he has encountered
      during his lifetime, and other topical subjects
      such as war and personal observations.

      He performs utilizing both the guitar
      and synthesizer, sometimes playing a
      harmonica and the tambourine with his foot.

      His vinyl album recorded in 1965 by MGM's
      VerveFolkways entitled "Something New",
      has become a classic folk album that has
      been selling on ebay as a collector's item.

      He has several published songs registered
      with BMI (Stormking Music Herb Metoyer
      Music) and ASCAP (Cane River Media).

      Herb's first album received a "Four
      Star" rating by Billboard magazine.

      He was a Helicopter pilot in the military at the time.

      But once he was promoted to grade of Major,
      the military cut his budding music career short,
      claiming that his activities as a singer/songwriter
      were unbecoming of a field grade officer.

      One of Herb's most prized
      accomplishments, however,
      is the fact that one of his
      "Mother, Fools are
      A Long Line Coming
      " is on
      the "moon" in the Time Capsule.

      It was recorded by Fred Neil on
      his "Sessions" album by Capitol.

      This was the album selected
      by the astronauts to be
      encased in the time capsule
      that was placed on the moon.

      During his youth, Herb performed
      on the same shows along side
      such great artists as
      Joni Mitchell, Fred Neil,
      Mike Taylor, Josh White
      Senior & Junior), Odetta,
      Vince Martin, Judy Collins,
      Phil Ochs, Mayon Weeks,
      Danny Potter, and Steve Biggs.

      During his latter years, Herb concentrated
      on writing and book publishing.

      In 1984, he became a founding member of the
      Detroit Black Writer's Guild," a non-profit
      organization devoted to improving
      literacy and training potential authors.

      With this organization, he held the posts
      Senior Editor, Executive Editor, Chairman
      of the Board, and Executive Director.

      To his credit, he has completed two novels and
      published over twenty books for other authors.

      Now at age Seventy, Herb is
      again focusing on his music.

      His last CD, "Here I Am Again"
      was released in 2004.

      Currently, he is working on a new
      CD to be titled "Louisiana Folk Tales."

      Herb is one of the last survivors
      of the great 1960's folk era.

      Do yourself a favor and give his music a listen.
      Full length samples of his music can be found at

      Herb Metoyer accompanied by Danny Potter, Mayon Weeks, Bob,
      and someone else? at the BlueBird Folk Festival in North Carolina

      For more information on Herb Metoyer and
      his work - feel free to visit him at his site
      found at
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