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Book: 'Race & Mixed-Race' -- by Naomi Zack

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    Race and Mixed Race (Book) ... A philosopher [who is] of Mixed-Race [Lineage] contemplates racial identity in America In the first philosophical-challenge
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2007
      Race and Mixed Race (Book)
      ---- written by Naomi Zack

      A philosopher [who is] of Mixed-Race [Lineage]
      contemplates "racial" 'identity' in America

      In the first philosophical-challenge to accepted "racial"
      `classifications' in the United States, Naomi Zack
      uses philosophical-methods to criticize their logic.

      Tracing social and historical problems related to racial identity, she
      discusses why "race" is a matter of such importance in America and
      examines the treatment of Mixed-Race in law, society, and literature.

      Zack argues that [the mono-racial] designations [used on
      demographic and other forms and `categorizations' in the
      United States ] are themselves `racist' because the concept
      of "race" does not have an adequate scientific foundation.

      The "One Drop Rule", originally `a rationalization
      for slavery'
      , persists [in the United States] today
      even though there have never been "pure" races and
      most [of the people who have been falsely labeled
      as being] American "blacks" color
      [actually have a
      continual-lineage which includes a profound amount
      – average 45%-55% -- of non-Black ancestry]

      Exploring the existential problems of mixed race identity, she points
      out how the [split-race] `system' [still being enforced in the United
      States] generates a "special" racial-alienation for many Americans …


      "Race and Mixed Race is a very thought-provoking
      essay on an extremely important topic …
      —Laurence Thomas, Syracuse University

      "Analyzing conceptions and descriptions of race,
      [Naomi] Zack offers an intriguing exploration of
      the possibilities of Mixed-Race identity in society."

      Publishers Weekly

      "Attacking such common racial notions as the
      idea that' Black' plus [non-`Black] always
      results in "black",' Zack deftly shows the
      flimsiness of our thinking about" race".

      —The Philadelphia Inquirer

      Book Contents

      Preface and Acknowledgments

      Part I:  The Existential Analysis
      1. Introduction: Summary, Method, and Structure
      2. The Ordinary Concept of Race
      3. White Family Identity
      4. Black Family Identity
      5. Demography and the Identification of the Family
      6. Mixed-Race Family Identity

      Part II:  The History of Mixed Race

      7. Introduction to the History of Mixed Race
      8. The Law on Black and White
      9. Marooned!
      10. The Harlem Renaissance 
      11. Genocidal Images of Mixed Race
      12. Mulattoes in Fiction
      13. Alienation

      Part III:  The Philosophy of Anti-Race

      14. Nobility versus Good Faith
      15. Black, White, and Gray: Words, Words, Words

      Notes / Select Bibliography / Index

      About the Author:

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      Naomi Zack works as a Professor of
      Philosophy at the University of Oregon .
      Naomi's analyses are informed by her
      own experience as a person of Mixed-Race
      ('Black', 'Amerindian' and `White') lineage.


      SOURCE: http://www.temple.edu/tempress/titles/1004_reg.html
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