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Re: A few definitions of "Colored" / "Of Color"

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  • multiracialbookclub
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      Melungeon Heritage Association:

      Melungeon Reemergence

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      j s <creolescience@y...> wrote:

      I like quintroon, Mustifee, Mamalouc and especially
      hexadecaroon - it makes me sound like a cookie.

      Though really in my case Melungeon or
      triracial is probably the most accurate

      --- john <reddgold_32@...> wrote:

      Yep it covers everything
      like me,I am a sambo/mango.
      Now it is rediculous for me to describe myself as such.
      Those names are outdated to me.
      Those names such as mulatto,sambo,quadroon and mustife
      applies to people in the old world more than 2 centuries ago.
      When there was a pure black and a pure white.
      These days there are no pure anything.
      especially in america.
      It is a big melting pot.
      I rather be called coloured because it includes
      all mixes from mango to octaroon and mustifino.
      The word coloured are actually ment
      for people of mixed blood like us.
      It doesn't mean black negro like in the usa.
      It has a totally different meaning once you leave america.

      multiracialbookclub <soaptalk@...> wrote:


      Actually ... I don't think the expression that you
      have given in regards to your opinion on this topic
      is "going against the grain" at all – and I'm really
      glad that you shared it (as, one of the reasons I
      posted the data was to get member feedback.)

      In fact, the matter of 'what to call oneself' has
      been as much a topic of discussion among those of us
      who are mixed as it has among the multiple ethnic
      and cultural groups found around the world.

      Like both you and John Reddgold -- I feel these
      that most of these terms are both outmoded and
      have an origin in a racist past -- which is why I
      generally simply refer to myself as 'mixed' then,
      if anyone , wants further details or distinction,
      I may (or may not) break things down for them.

      What's funny to me, however, is -- just as John
      Reddgold pointed out earlier -- the term 'colored /
      coloured' (which is considered so 'out-of-date'
      in the USA, yet is totally accepted elsewhere)
      pretty much covers all varieties of mixed `types'.


      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "sudoangel2000" <sudoangel2000@y...> wrote:

      I know that you posted these articles for informational
      reasons but here I have to go against the grain.
      I find that the multitude of names
      created for mixed race people unflattering.

      The origins of the word "mulatto" for example:

      "Some people consider the term pejorative, as it
      derives from the Spanish word Mula, mule; literally
      the sterile hybrid offspring resulting from the
      crossbreeding of a male donkey and a female horse.
      Another possible origin is in the Arabic word



      Is not something I think people would want to call
      themselves once knowing the origins of the work.

      If you notice the breakdowns below they primarily deal
      with a person that has some degree of African (black)
      blood in their lineage as well as European (white).

      These definitions do not take into consideration,
      and I'm glad they don't, the multitude of mixed
      lineage outside these guidelines.

      I agree with John that color/colour applies to everyone.

      Also, those who have study art know that white
      and black are hues when mixed with
      other "colors" creates a new color.

      That bothers be as well, if looking at literal definitions
      how can people refer to themselves as a hue?

      --- In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "multiracialbookclub" <soaptalk@h...> wrote:

      **Defintion of "Colored" or "Of Color"

      "A person of a racial group
      that is not regarded as 'white'.

      A person of MIXED RACIAL strains."

      Source: http://www.mixedfolks.com/names.htm


      (i.e. racially ad-"mixed"
      people / "multi"-racial)

      a) Classification
      b) Mixture
      c) Fraction of "Black" Blood

      --Zambo and Black
      --7/8 full-"black" blood

      -- "Zambo"
      --Mulatto and Black
      --3/4 full-"black" blood

      -- "Cascos"
      --Mulatto and Mulatto
      --1/2 full-"black" blood

      -- "Mulatto"
      --Black and White
      --1/2 "full-"black" blood

      -- "Quadroon"
      --Mulatto and White
      --1/4 full-"black" blood

      -- "Octoroon / Mustee"
      --Quadroon and White
      --1/8 full-"black" blood

      -- "Mustifee / Mustiphini"
      --Octoroon / Mustee and White
      --1/16 full-"black" blood

      -- "Mustifino / Quintroon"
      --Mustifee / Mustiphini and White
      --1/32 full-"black" blood

      SOURCE: http://www.webster-dictionary.net/definition


      --"Full"-Negro and "Full"-Negro
      --Full=d/64 + 64/64
      [Full==a minimum of six (6) generations
      with no `other' racial admixture]

      --"Full"-White and "Full"-White
      --Full=d/64 + 64/64
      [Full==a minimum of six (6) generations
      with no `other' racial admixture]

      **QUOTE: **

      "[The group commonly referred to as]
      "Black" Americans have... an average of 30
      percent of White admixture" in their genes"




      'The high amount (+25%) of Amerindian
      admixture found within this group should also
      always be taken note of and remembered.'


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