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Lynn's Poem -- 'The Secret River'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Lynn, Your poem is just amazing and you are an incredibly-talented woman!! This poem was absolutely incredible and says so much ... so very many of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 4, 2006


      Your poem is just amazing and you are an incredibly-talented woman!!

      This poem was absolutely incredible and says so much
      ---- not only about your own personal family, but about
      so very many of the families and individuals who were of an
      MGM-Mixed lineage (
      which also contains 'black' admixture)
      and which over a period of years (sometimes due to various
      shameful experiences, disappointing encounters and even
      malevolent treatment by others) decided to take on a "black" 
      socio-political "
        in order to try to feel more empowered.

      What's ironic is that -- just like you said --
      their Mixed-Race lineage remained

      Please continue in your God-given gift of both 'researching'
      your own family and other's MGM-Mixed history AND
      in 'chronicling' it in your poetic works and prose.

      You may very well be the next  '
      J. California Cooper'
      (author of the book, '
      Family' -- which tells the story
      of an MGM-Mixed / Mixed-Race American family).

      If you decide to publish a collection of your works -- feel
      free to provide a link to the publishing company on our site.

      Thanks again for sharing this profound work with us all!

      [MGM-Mixed=Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed]

      --- M

      "Lynn" of <wintyreeve@...> 
      [Fri Mar 24, 2006 ] wrote:

      Hello Friends-

      I wrote a poem I would like to share with you.

      The inspiration of this poem is being so totally
      frustrated by my family as I am researching my
      family history and getting resistance at every turn.

      Looking at pictures of my grandfather--it
      is obvious by his features that he is Mixed.

      Yet, no one wants to admit it, let alone talk about it!

      After a year of writing letters to strangers,
      I finally found a long-lost cousin.
      I have talked to this cousin for 9 months before he
      finally told me that my family IS MIXED, and that
      we are both African-American and Euro-American.

      Which means that at least one female relative was
      raped while in slavery, and had children from
      this assault (I have found this ancestor).
      In addition, there are several more Mixtures down
      the line--which no one wants to talk about, either.

      On top of that it seems like the family has
      split down the color-line, and chosen to
      segregate themselves from each other.

      So instead of pulling my hair out going bald in
      the process of frustration, hehe, I wrote a poem.


      :) Lynn

      The Secret River

      The multi-racial lineage of my family is but a whisper;
      secretly we know its there and secretly
      we deny its existence.
      When you talk about 'mixed', our memories turn to the obvious reminders'
      the relatives with the lighter skin or the straighter hair.
      Of course, they are mixed, what else is there to say?
      Underneath the rumble of our voices,
      and the turn of our smiles,
      is the secret river of our bloodline,
      carrying not only genes but a hidden shame.
      So we don't look that far back in our past,
      don't ask questions, and turn our eyes away from the obvious.
       It is much safer to be black.
      Black is a color that blots out any stain,
      awash in darkness our feelings are numb.
      Fumbling through the darkness,
      we find each other, we always have. 
      We love our blackness because they once hated us, 
      from their hatred we came together as a family,
      loving our dark skin, curly hair and midnight eyes.
      We love our black babies,
      bestowing our dreams upon our children'
      of them all, the strongest is a wish,
      a need to break free from the past.
      So we moved forward by embracing the black
      that blotted out all painful memories.
      Our children are the most visible reminders,
      so through their blackness,
      we sought to remove from ourselves
      the most painful reminder of our humiliation.
      We worked and fought to create
      our own place in the world
      a unique vision of what it meant to be black.
      Woven within that vision were the traditions passed down
      in our memories, beliefs, family recipes.
      And yet, we could not escape
      the secret river that rose through our veins,
      washing the black
      with something strikingly different.

      © All Rights Reserved.

      NOTE:  The poem entitled, 'The Secret River' is the © copyright work of it's author
      (`Lynn' of
      http://profiles.yahoo.com/graceofwynn) and thus, all of the general
      copyright (c) standards are fully acknowledged within this publication.

    • wintyreeve@aol.com
      Hi Soap & Friends, I am glad you liked Secret River . I am actually very humble about that poem. To me it is a collective project -- when I think about all
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 4, 2006
        Hi Soap & Friends,
        I am glad you liked "Secret River". I am actually very humble about that poem.
        To me it is a "collective" project -- when I think about all the efforts,
        sacrifices and dreams of all those who came before us and
        worked so hard to give us the life we now have, all our
        opportunities, its the least I can do to show respect.

        And I also feel a strong sense of purpose to Generation Mixed,
        and our movement of Mixed Peoples all around the world--we really
        are the turning generation, making changes now--bringing awareness.

        There is so much unsaid, at times it seems very difficult to write!
        I just want to encourage all of you to keep shining in the gifts and
        abilities you are blessed with. Lead with a loud voice and a strong heart.

        What we do today will be not only remembered but embraced by
        future generations. Perhaps someday there will be no "secret river"
        but a river we all jump into -- drawing from as equals, knowledge
        of our past and lessons to build a better future for our children
        and for a society that truly represents freedom for all.

        Thanks again for taking the time to
        read my work, and being so supportive.

        I am honored to be a part of Generation Mixed
        ... and will keep up the fight over here!
        Blessings~ Lynn
      • Heather Stimmel
        Lynn... What a very nice and appropriate poem=) It definitely describes how many of us are feeling/have felt (I know it does, for me!). Thanks!!! Heather
        Message 3 of 3 , Dec 5, 2006
          Lynn... What a very nice and appropriate poem =)
          It definitely describes how many of us are
          feeling/have felt (I know it does, for me!).
          Thanks!!! Heather

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