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RE: Abolish the N word

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  • tlbaker1
    LOLOLOL, just remembering my biology class in high school... Lynne _____ From: Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com] On
    Message 1 of 17 , Dec 4, 2006

      LOLOLOL, just remembering my biology class in high school...




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      lolol..ok Lynne I'm speaking of myself ... so help me out
      here ... Black flower - White flower ... Grey? ... Right?
      No ... wait a minute, let me try this, black ,white and red
      or black, white and [reddish] brown... [Cinnamon? LOL Yep
      I'm being silly right now [literally laughin out loud] but
      a little silliness, harmless humor and laughter is to the
      soul what chicken soup is to a cold.......ok ....
      just had some extra time on my hands..lol

      Have a good night and a great day tom...


      tlbaker1 <tlbaker1@...> wrote:

      Welcome, Heather!

      Philly you "sound" like me with the 'why is my
      mother's skin so light and the rest of her family'.
      I knew where my caramel skin came from because
      of my father - like biology - white flower and
      red flower produces pink flower offspring.
      I just adore biology and genetics - always have.


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      Subject: [Generation- Mixed] Re:Abolish the N word

      Hello GM Fam' ...

      I'd like to welcome Heather to the Best Group [Generation- Mixed] ... EVER! ...

      I'm a "newbie" as well, they've made me feel totally at home
      perhaps because we all at sometime had [ still have]
      the same concerns, questions or perhaps in research

      maybe you were talking with a peer or trying to
      talk sensible with a family member only to realize
      they don't feel the way you do, so it falls on a deaf ear

      then GM's is the place for you ...
      here ... you won't be classed or categorized ...

      also I understand your concerns about your son, and rightfully so [how old?]
      that we've come this far, yet the mentality of others remains the same ...
      but the key in my opinion is knowledge continue to educate your
      son ... that he'll accept himself for who he is inside ... give him
      history of your [as much as you can] ancestry-lineage.

      Explain to him how cruel people can be ''cause of skin color” ...
      let him know the ignorance is Alive and sometime
      in his life he'll be asked "Well - What are you?" ...
      and if he chooses to tell them and they will still assume what they want
      ... butttttttt! ... as long as he is comfortable with his inner self ...
      he will be ok ... they have the problem ... NOT HIM! [tell him]

      I wish I had someone to talk to me,[when I was younger] ...
      give me history etc. ... why my mother's skin is light bright.
      almost white! ... mine's brown ... why her hair was [not any
      more cause of gray] sandy ... mine black. [lol].why no one
      told me about the ignorance I would encounter [ as a child]
      ... when my mother took me into a store with another
      sister [light] ... and someone she knew said ''oh I
      didn't know that was your daughter! [ME] ... [gosh]

      I've gotten a tremendous amount of info, and help from GM ...

      I was doing some research before I joined the group, but
      they have opened a lot of avenues for me to continue

      ... and I'm constantly learning ... and eager to know more ...

      some of which is heart wrenching, but it's HISTORY and this
      information will go to my grands, hopefully passed on ...
      don't want ignorance nor the lack of knowledge hinder them

      I hope this will help them in how they perceive
      other People-of-Color ... or people period!
      I can honestly say I don't pre-judge ... I accept people
      for who they are ... can attribute some of this to my
      Indian grandmother ... the rest ... is Self taught.

      My history - ancestry - lineage is Mixed....... ..

      I'm assumed African American ..
      birth record reads ‘Colored’ and on occasion
      someone will ask "What are you?" ...

      I am A Generation-Mixed.

      Have a Good Sunday Evening Everyone

      Oh by the way Heather, I saw the same show [Oprah] ...
      I think one of the men Terrence Howard?
      The other one I can't remember.

      Heather Stimmel <heather21230@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      Let me properly introduce myself.

      My name is Heather and I'm a new member of GM.

      I'm really excited about being here
      and getting to know everyone!

      I posted previously, including information
      about myself and my family.

      Anyhow ... just wanted to say, "Hello"
      to everyone and comment on this post.

      First off, I thought the pictures were awful ... but, it is
      what it is- history (as sad and as graphic as it may seem).
      My first feeling was of sadness and anger ... sadness
      for what happened to Blacks and Mixed-Race people
      back then (even now!) and anger at so many Whites who
      were stupid enough and ignorant enough (and pathetic
      enough!!!) to ALLOW something like this to happen.

      That said, I totally agree with the writer/or
      producer of the intro and opening page of the site.
      They got it right on the money: if a word like the 'N' word was
      born out of hate and racism, why in the world would anyone want
      to use it ... for "slang" or as a greeting (or ANY reason)?????

      That has always been a question of mine.

      Unfortunately, my son (who, by the way, is a straight-A,
      GOOD KID=) has had the experience of already
      hearing this word from many, ignorant Whites.

      That saddens me, and makes me MAD.

      The thing is ... there is NO WAY I'd want him out there,
      on the streets (or anywhere else), saying the exact,
      same word (for so-called "leisure purposes???" ) that
      someone called him, because of the color of his skin ...
      because they are repulsed by the fact that my son isn't White!

      It's just as stupid for that to happen as what
      happened to minorities back in the 60's.

      I just can't fathom it.

      I remember, one day, watching an episode of Oprah (who I
      LOVE=) on T.V. and she had a famous, Black actor on there
      (can't remember his name, but can see his face plain-as-day= )
      and she asked him (as well as other actors and actresses
      who were on the show and in the same movie with this actor)
      what he thought about Black youth using the 'N' word.
      He said, "honestly," he felt it was O.K. for them to do it,
      because it was a "cultural thing" and they did it, not out
      of disrespect to any one person but, because it was being
      used as a "greeting" or like, "Hey, brother, what's up?"
      Oprah immediately said to this actor that she disagreed with
      him and that she believes if the youth (or anyone else of color)
      continues to use the word, that's just giving free reign to
      Whites and other racist people to use the word and not feel
      like it's bad, or has a negative connotation associated with it.

      That said, how many people-of-color would want a White
      person (who is racist, by the way) to call them the 'N' word?
      Not any that I know!!!

      It's one of those things (like racism) that needs to be "put out
      on the table" and discussed openly and honestly by all races,
      with the intention of everyone involved walking away having
      actually learned something and have changes of HEART.

      That's what it's all about.

      When we view each other as HUMAN AND PEOPLE
      who God put on this earth to love and appreciate,
      THEN things will begin to change.

      It's a heart-thing.

      If your heart is full of anger, resentment, vengeance
      and all other negative emotions, there's no room for
      things like openness, peace, love and forgiveness.
      A healing needs to take place and in order for that to
      happen, people of all races, nationalities, religions,
      etc. need to be open to the possibilities.
      If not, the world will stay the same, depressing, evil way it is.

      Don't get me wrong ... there are TONS of great people
      in the world- people willing to LISTEN, people willing
      to LOVE instead of hate, people willing to give each
      other a chance without malice and without judgment.

      I know plenty of them=) The people who aren't this way, though,
      are the ones who make it difficult to enjoy life for those of
      us who are sincere, and would like to see things change.

      I will step down from my soapbox here=)

      This is just something I feel very strongly about and wish, in my
      heart, would change the way people are and treat one another.

      Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

      We'll be going to our meeting ("church")
      soon, so I need to finish gettin' ready.

      Take care and God bless!!!!!

      Sincerely, Heather S.

    • moltenlava_cat
      Well actually you re both right to an extent. Terrence Howard, Ludacris and Don Cheadle were on the show. But Don Cheadle was siding with Oprah saying he was
      Message 2 of 17 , Dec 7, 2006
        Well actually you're both right to an extent.
        Terrence Howard, Ludacris and Don Cheadle were on the show.
        But Don Cheadle was siding with Oprah saying he was
        against the use, while Terrence Howard stated he
        had no problem as long as AAs used the n-word.
        Ludacris repeatedly tried to defend his support of
        using the word as a way of people coming together,
        turning the negative into the positive.

        Although, I may be wrong about all of this.
        I doubt some people (Oprah included) would just stand by
        as Don Cheadle accepted the use of the word by anyone.
        Taking into consideration, one of his recents films, Hotel Rwanda.

        In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
        phillymom35 <phillymom35@...> wrote:

        Rodney You're right ... it was Cheadle, on the show ...

        Ludacris, and most recently the rapper 50cent at odds
        with Oprah for derogative mentioning of women in their raps.

        Rodney Sam <rqs79@...> wrote:

        Hey, Heather. Welcome to Generation-Mixed.

        That particular OPRAH episode you speak of
        was about the actors from the movie "CRASH".
        The actor you are talking about is DON
        CHEADLE who starred in Hotel Rwanda.
        I saw that episode and remember hearing
        him justify the use of the N word.
        I was shocked and surprised
        by his acceptance of the word.
        He actually said that he was endearing for
        another Black person to address him like that.

        Figure that out.

        And I did check the website and totally
        agree with everything they said.

        Why would you use a word that came out
        of hate and contempt for your ancestors?

        Well, my ancestors, since,
        I am a person of color.


      • Heather Stimmel
        Yes... I remember now! That is the way it went. I stand corrected. Heather Related Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/2058
        Message 3 of 17 , Dec 8, 2006
          Yes... I remember now! That is the way it went. I stand corrected.

          Related Link:
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