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  • wintyreeve@aol.com
    Hello Heather and Friends, Heather: I can relate 100% to what you are talking about, and am thankful you brought it up ... Feeling different and not knowing
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      Hello Heather and Friends,

      Heather: I can relate 100% to what you are talking about,
      and am thankful you brought it up ... Feeling different
      and not knowing what it is or how to explain it.

      I felt that way my whole life, and since my Dad was not around
      he was not able to tell me about my family history or lineage.
      When I found out I am Mixed -- all the pieces fit together
      ... but it was like I *knew* before I was told.

      Even with my children, I can see the same is true.
      They are so young and there is no way they would
      understand how intricate, and complex their family
      is -- and yet they are able to connect with and
      even draw out some of our family characteristics.

      I would suggest doing some "implied research".
      When you research your biological family, look at the
      neighborhood where they lived, the places they did
      business and cemetery where they are buried.
      Maybe you will see a pattern?
      Or signs that they are drawn to a certain nationality?
      It used to be that neighborhoods, and especially
      churches, were more segregated than they are today.
      Maybe you could research the last names too?
      You also may want to compare records to look
      for any differences--census records with death
      records or marriage records or draft cards, etc.
      Maybe there is a way to talk with a local historical
      society or older person to get more information about
      the family, or someone who has researched
      the family/what life was like in that town?

      If you still come up blank -- don't be discouraged.
      If a family member was "passing" further back in your
      family tree, you may not find a record because they were
      hiding but like you said, you know something is there.
      What is most important is the YOU that you see yourself as :)

      Blessings~ Lynn
    • Heather Stimmel
      Thank You, Lynn! Yeah, you know when something s amiss and especially when you re different. That s how I feel. Another thing I ve always wondered about...
      Message 32 of 32 , Dec 5 7:43 AM
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        Thank You, Lynn! Yeah, you know when something's amiss and
        especially when you're "different." That's how I feel.

        Another thing I've always wondered about... my brother
        (adopted after me, but not my biological sibling)- he's always
        been "darker" than the rest of us. Olive skin mixed with a
        little "tan" (all-year-round tan, though). I know, I've ALWAYS
        thought he was not from both White parents. It makes me wonder...?!
        I mean- certainly, that doesn't necessarily "mean" anything,
        but it's just a thought I've had over the years.

        I understand what you're saying about checking out certain
        neighborhoods, hang-outs, etc. That is good advice.

        The only thing is... where I was born, it's a small city
        (where "everyone knows everyone else") and I don't know
        how much info. I'd get and how reliable it would be.

        I'm gonna' try, though. I'll let everyone know what I find out.

        Hopefully something. I do know that, this was once an area of a
        high population of American indians... specifically Cherokee
        and Lakota (I think- can't really remember the 2nd tribe).
        I do know that much. Other than that, I have to do some digging.

        Thanks, again, for the advice and have a great day =) Heather

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