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The Social Construct called "Race"

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  • multiracialbookclub
    The idea of race – as a biological fact – is quite clearly and very much a `myth . (((As a social construct – however – the concept of `race is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2005
      The idea of "race" – as a "biological fact" –
      is quite clearly and very much a `myth'.

      (((As a "social construct" – however – the concept of `race'
      is as much of a `reality' that -- as a result of living in
      a `systemically racist culture – most people (no matter
      their `categorization' – including, at times, some of those who,
      under most circumstances, are considered to have been handed some
      amount of `white privilege') are, in fact, forced to deal with and
      adjust to as much as are `speed limits' and `student loans'.)))


      Commentary on how "Race" is a Social Construct
      and is not based on any actual Biological Grounds


      "Who is Black?: One Nation's Definition"

      "The uniqueness of ethnic-identity"

      On The Racism of 'The One-Drop Rule' and it's
      impact on certain multi-racial Ethnic groupings:

      --- The One-Drop Rule and It's impact on the
      two mixed-raced Ethnic groups of the
      Louisiana Creoles & `African-Americans'.


      (Check here to see an example of how the Census
      Bureau uses a racist, false "one-drop rule"-based
      and erroneous definition of `African-American' (AA)
      -- and does this *only* to the AA Ethnic grouping.)
      http://www.freep.com/news/nw/qcen30.htm )

      The One-Drop rule and it's erroneous
      misclassification of *most* African-Americans
      as `black' (which most of them are not) rather
      than as `multi-racial' (which most of them are)

      Another example of the effect of the racist
      one-drop rule against of-color people who
      have any amount of black/African ancestry:


      "…Ethnicity (as distinct from crude, unidimensional
      race categories), however, is another matter.
      We cannot pretend that African Americans are
      not a distinctive group with an uniquely oppressive
      history they are still struggling to overcome,
      nor that Chinese Americans or Ukrainian
      Americans are like everyone else in every way.
      But we need not assume that Americans
      of Chinese origins are a separate "race,"
      while classifying Ukrainians as "white." . …"


      [" Several factors have been cited as leading
      to this renewed `interest in ethnicity,
      arguably the most significant being the civil rights
      struggle of African Americans in the United States. …
      to take charge of their ethnic and racial identity
      and to subsequently redefine their ethnicity
      at both a societal and cultural level.
      Consequently, the social movement led to increased
      discourse on the topics of race and ethnicity in addition to
      an upsurge in societal awareness regarding these topics …
      More and more it appears that North Americans are
      realizing that their biological ancestors wittingly
      and unwittingly influence their lives. … "]
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