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On being of MGM-Mixed lineage

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  • multiracialbookclub
    One does not have to be of an FGM mix in order to be a mixed person or people grouping (ex. Arabs, Hispanics, African-Americans, Polynesians, , etc.).
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2005
      One does not have to be of an FGM "mix" in order to
      be a "mixed" person or people grouping (ex. Arabs,
      Hispanics, African-Americans, Polynesians, , etc.).

      Also, the term "mixed" is more than just 'part black'
      or 'part white' or 'part any of the other standard
      admixtures' people typically think of as "mixed"
      (particularly the people of the United States of America).

      In addition, one does not even need to be the 'direct' descendent of
      a pair of separate-"mono"-racially-categorized parents, grandparents,
      or even great-grand-parents, etc. -- in order to be a "mixed" person.

      The term MGM-Mixed simply means that the lineage of the person
      (or of the people grouping) is that of various 'types' of
      "mixed" people (ex. mulatto, griffe, metisse, etc.) marrying
      and having children with various other 'types' of
      "mixed" people throughout several generations.

      Most MGMs can show that their family has been "rather `thoroughly'
      Mixed" THROUGHOUT multiple generations of their lineage.

      Also, contrary to popular 'myth', the average MGM-Mixed person or
      people grouping does not lay claim to what we can call an "ancient
      ancestor" theory as a/the 'basis' for the fact of their being "mixed".

      In other words, they do not make a claim to have been
      mixed "one-time-a-billion-generations-or-so-ago"
      (i.e. via some "ancient-ancestor"), then somehow
      `miraculously' became "mono"-racial people once again
      (If that were the case, then 'the entire
      world' would have to be listed as "mixed").

      But rather they both "became-and-remained" a mixed family (or people
      grouping) "throughout" their lineage (i.e. with all of these "mixed"
      `types' intermarrying with other "mixed" `types', they never had
      the chance to go back to being what could ever be considered as
      full "mono"-racials -- ex. black, white, Asian -- again).

      (If an "ancient 'whatever-race' ancestor" is mentioned,
      it is generally to show 'where' the last place in their
      family's lineage, they could find a "mono"-racial.)

      As a result, the MGM-Mixed people have -- in most
      cases not had a TRULY "mono"-racial ancestor
      (whether 'full-white', 'full-black', full-asian', etc.)
      in their family's lineage in (at least 3 or 4) generations.

      In addition, depending and based on the 'types' of "mixed", it could
      take several generations of "solely "mono"-racial admixture only"
      (ex. only-white , only-black, only-asian, etc.) -- before a person
      would no longer be considered as being a 'type' of "mixed".


      Contrary to popular myth often spread by some of the more
      `malevolently-militant mulattoes' (MMMs), most MGM-Mixed people
      who are also 100% of the largely (+70%) multi-racial Ethnic
      grouping known as African-American(AA) -- do not generally
      use the claim of having 'an ancient white (or other non-black)
      great-grand-whatever' to 'prove' their 'mixtured' heritage ---
      but rather AAs (much like Hispanics, Arabs, etc.) will and
      can present the facts of their 2, 3 or 4 'clearly mixed'
      (generally 'tri'-racial, not 'bi'-racial) grandparents

      Like most Hispanics, most AAs (more than 70% of
      the `ethnic' group) do have a "mixed" heritage -- but
      in absolutely no way are they claiming to be BI-racial

      People must remember that 'the' definition of 'mixed'-"race" is not
      limited to simply being "half black & half white" -- when clearly
      such a myopic definition can never apply to the term "Mixed".

      If that were the case how would an Amer-Asian or an
      Afro-Asiatic person be considered "racially mixed";
      how would multi-generational multiracial (MGM) groups
      such as Hispanics and Arabs be considered "racially mixed".

      Because the term "Mixed" so often and erroneously associated
      only with BI-racials, many of the more 'malevolently-militant-
      mulattoes' tend to become openly hostile and angry at
      THE FACT that the AA's are 1) not a 'race, but rather
      an 'ethnicity' and 2) are an MGM ethnicity.

      It's as if, these same 'malevolently-militant mulattoes' who
      do not want the one-drop-rule or issues of racial quantums
      and percentages and 'stereotypical features' applied to
      them – are more than willing to apply it to the AAs.

      Again --- when thinking of Hispanics, Arabs, African-Americans
      and other groups of MGM ethnicity --- it should be remembered
      that , terms such as "Racially-Mixtured" and `Multi-racial' DO NOT
      MEAN (nor is anyone trying to claim that they mean) BI-racial.

      African-Americans are unique in that many have chosen to
      'publicly identify' as being of a "black" socio-political "identity"
      (occasionally in order to avoid harassment they encounter,
      by certain of the more `malevolently-militant mulattoes' (MMMs),
      when they publicly acknowledge their fully mixed lineage) ---
      despite their obvious `mixtured" heritage, features and lineage
      and open acknowledgement of their full lineage in the privacy and
      safety of those they trust and feel will be supportive of them.

      Those African-Americans who are part of the +70% who are MGM-Mixed
      do not, nor have they ever generally laid a, claim to being a
      group of "BI-racials" (they have no reason to make this claim
      – seeing that they are actually tri-racial) nor are they
      claiming to be "mulattoes" --- but, they are not about
      to let anyone deny them the truth of their heritage.

      Although the AAs are, for the most part, a `mixed'-raced `ethnic'
      grouping of people and NOT a `mono'-racial (ex. `black') `race'
      grouping of people, it should still be remembered that they
      also have a great respect – as well as love and admiration –
      for `black' people and the 'black' portion of their
      lineage (as well as for all other portions of their heritage).

      Keeping in mind, again, that AAs are not `black' – but
      rather are `multi' --- their claim is not that they
      "have `some non-black blood' `down' the line" or that
      they are BI-racial / first-generation mulatto, etc.

      In fact, for decades, the AAs have been trying to get BI-racials to
      understand that they ARE NOT trying to claim AAs as being
      BI-racial or as being any sort of FIRST-GENERATION-mulatto group.

      The average AA lineage is clearly MULTI-racial and this amalgamation
      of the lineage took place across and THROUGHOUT `multiple
      generations' (not just during the Antebellum period – as some
      consistently and falsely try to imply) – and also in various ways
      (most, but not all, of which was largely against the volition of
      AAs – but even in that, it show the `survival' of the people ).
      The AAs are descended from three "races" of people
      (blacks, Amerindians and whites) and this tri-racial
      mixture occurred over multiple generations.

      For more than 400 or so years, this `ethnic group', for the most
      part, has not been at all `mono-racial' (ex. black--Amerindian—
      OR--white) – but rather both `became' and `remained' a
      `multi-racial' grouping (black--Amerindian--AND--white).

      Because the AAs (who are MGM) tend to marry and have children
      largely only with only other AA's (who are also MGM) -- there is no
      history of most of the AAs becoming mono-racial (ex. white, black,
      Amerindian) once again, and thus, they have remained `multi-racial'.

      Those Americans who are of `black-only' heritage would
      be the group known as "Black Americans" (with their
      own individual 'ethnicities' -- ex. Nigerian) ---– while AAs
      (`descendents of the Antebellum slavery-system survivors') are,
      for the most part, a 'ethnic' group of `multiracial' Americans.

      The "Black-Americans" (BAs) and "African-Americans" (AAs)
      are NOT the same people grouping; the BAs are a `racial;
      grouping , while the AAs are an `ethnic' grouping (not a
      `racial' group); and the AAs are an `ethnic' grouping composed
      of `multiple' "races" and is about 430 years old – while the BAs
      are a `racial' grouping composed of `multiple `ethnicities' .)))


      M family has not had a full "mono"-racial ancestor of any race
      (ex. `white') in multiple generations –-- and, like most of those
      of the African-American ethnicity, we are quite clearly
      (and even largely 'visibly') an MGM "mixed" people.

      My family has been openly tri-racially "mixed" for generations
      and the 'Multi-Gen'-Mixed people like us, typically, are the
      first to (like myself) acknowledge that "mixed" covers a lot
      more ground than people like to believe -– and it's largely
      because we have been "continually-mixed" for so very long.

      Also, a person's right to the choice of having a given
      socio-political-cultural "identification" that is associated with
      a `mono'-racial term, ' does not make them any less "mixed".

      In the same sense that, as an MGM, my lineage is generationally
      admixed into multiple races, yet, as an African-American (AA), my
      heritage is steeped in my American nationality and my AA ethnicity.

      To borrow from the old Barbara Mandrell song
      -- ("I was 'country' when 'country' wasn't cool") –
      "I was 'mixed' when 'mixed' wasn't cool"
      (in fact, my whole family was, is and has been
      so -- continually throughout it's generations)!!!

      [[MGM=MULTI-GENerationally MIXed
      FGM=FIRST-GENerationally MIXed
      MIXed=MULTI-RACIAL Admixture]
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