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One more word on the USCB

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  • multiracialbookclub
    ********************************************************** The United States Census Bureau s Flawed Inquiry Form & Tabulation System are finally being
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2005
      The United States Census Bureau's Flawed Inquiry Form &
      Tabulation System are finally being subjected to exposure.

      Both the `Form' used by and the `Tabulation' handeled by
      the U.S. Census Bureau are so flawed that even today
      (at a time when a person may 'check all that apply' –
      even up to six different categories) the Census Bureau
      is still erroneously tabulating people as "mono"-racial.

      In other words, no matter what they report as their lineage
      during the `inquiry' process, the `tabulation' process always
      lists them under a `default' "mono"-racial category.

      The U.S. Census Bureau is largely responsible for
      MGM-Mixed individuals and groups (ex. the Ethnic group
      currently mis-nomered as `African-American) NOT being
      able to have their "multi"-racial heritage and lineage
      acknowledged as well as for `exaggerated demographics
      and statistics" for the African-Americans (AAs) – which is
      a `mixed' (i.e. "multi"-racial) Ethnic grouping whom the
      `geniuses' at the Census Bureau have not only erroneously
      categorized as `black' (i.e. "mono"-racial) – but have also,
      quite against their will, listed down as `the umbrella group'
      under whom `all black raced' people would be categorized.

      Neither action makes any sense and both leave the rather
      small AA Ethnic grouping with the undue burden of both
      having their heritage denied and also `carrying the weight'
      of "the statistics" of an entire Racial grouping in this nation.





      As the article found in the link provided above indicates,
      these fatal-flaws are also 'skewering' statistics on
      Amerindian populations as well.

      Hopefully, as the 'flaws' behind the 'stats' are exposed
      the Census Bureau (and other government offices) will
      be forced to use the 'decade between surveys' to
      correct both matters as much as possible.
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