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The Problem ewth Labels, Political Interests & The Media

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  • multiracialbookclub
    One of the most general reasons that so many people tend to become confused and erroneously refer to the Mixed -raced (i.e. multi -racial) Ethnic grouping
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2005
      One of the most general reasons that so many people tend to
      become confused and erroneously refer to the "Mixed"-raced
      (i.e. "multi"-racial) "Ethnic" grouping of people – currently
      mis-nomered as `African-Americans' (AAs) -- as being 'Black'-raced
      ("mono"-racial) is because back in the 1960's the `Black Power'
      (i.e. pan-Africanism) movement took over and essentially replaced
      the largely successful 'Civil Rights' movement and many of the
      younger AAs began to adhere to a socio-political "identification"
      known then as `pan-Africanism' (which was simply
      labeled as `black', for short -- sort of like the labels
      of the 'green' and the 'orange' in Northern Ireland).

      Once the leaders of the 'Black Power' movement of the late
      1960's / and the early 1970's, a number of people who are
      of the 'African-American'(AA) "multi"-racial ETHNIC grouping
      ... began to refer to themselves as 'black' (in reference
      to their `political-identification',not their `racial-makeup')
      – the largely culturally-illiterate media pounced on the idea
      and made it `politically-correct' (`required', in fact) to refer
      to this group of people as `black' – rather than under the term
      which most people (including the majority of those who belonged
      to the ethncitiy) called them – which was `colored' (in reference
      to their well-known and largely `multi'-racial lineage.)

      Again -- it should be noted that the proclamation these
      `black power'-chanting young people were quoting was regards
      to the idea of a `pan-African' socio-political "Identification" …
      and NOT in regards to a demand for a new 'racial' classification.

      One's socio-political "identity" DOES NOT
      change one's 'racial admixture lineage'.

      It is wisest to try to not mistake a socio-political
      "identication" for being a racial "classification".

      In fact, many of those AAs who shouted the loudest and at the top of
      their lungs the motto:…'Say it loud, I'm 'black' and I'm proud'...
      would, if asked, had to have been the very first to have to
      openly admit that their familial and ethnic lineage was actually
      a multi-generational "Multi"-Racial Admixture of Black-Amerindian
      and White and that they were clearly "Multiracial/Mixed"
      individuals who were declaring their `politics', not their
      racial `lineage' (i.e. Malcolm Little / a.k.a. `Malcolm X').

      Again, the term `black', ) that these young people were
      speaking of when they referred to themselves as being
      'black' people, was essentially a socio-political
      "identification" (of pan-Africanism) and not a
      request or demand for a new racial 'classification'.

      Thanks ---- essentially to the American mass-media and certain
      of the political activists and self-proclaimed/appointed `leaders'
      and their erroneous use of the term `black' to describe the AAs,
      as well as their tendency to also erroneously refer to all "black"
      citizens in the United States as being an AA ---- most people
      are under the false impression that the AAs are both a
      `racial' grouping and are also largely a `mono-racial'
      grouping – when, in fact, they are neither.

      Although the AAs can generally feel free to `identify' as being
      either mono-racial or multi-racial, it should always be kept in
      mind that a person who is of the AA `ethnicity' is not the same
      neither 'lineage-wise' nor 'historical-experience wise') as
      someone who just happens to be an American of `black'-"race".

      To confuse the largely (+70%) `multi'-racial `Ethnic' group
      known (and currently mis-nomered) as `African-American'
      with the `mono'-racial `Race' group known as `Black-American'
      --- simply because they are both commonly referred to as `black'
      …. is as erroneous as confusing `Amerindians' (American Indians)
      with `Indian-American' (those from East India) --- simply
      because they are both commonly referred to as `Indian'.
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