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Lisa Bonet, talent and mystery!

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  • tlbaker477
    Lisa Bonet, talent and mystery! November 16 Lisa Bonet *On this date in 1967, Lisa Bonet (ne: Boney) was born. She is an African-American Actress and model.
    Message 1 of 32 , Nov 23, 2006
      Lisa Bonet, talent and mystery!


      November 16

      Lisa Bonet

      *On this date in 1967, Lisa
      Bonet (ne: Boney) was born.

      She is an African-American
      Actress and model.

      From San Francisco, Lisa Bonet
      was born to a White Jewish
      mother and a black father.

      Bonet's parents divorced when she was
      young, and her formative years were
      spent mostly in New York City and L. A.

      At age 11, she started auditioning for commercials,
      and after several years of ads and walk-on TV parts,
      she landed a coveted role in NBC's The Cosby Show.

      The show was an immediate hit, and Bonet quickly
      asserted herself as one of the mostmemorable kids
      in the Huxtable clan, the outspoken teenager Denise.

      Bonet shared her character's defiant persona and
      left TV in 1987 for a racy part opposite Mickey
      Rourke in the gothic thriller Angel Heart.
      The role required the 19-year-old Bonet to appear
      in several graphic sex scenes, some of which had
      to be cut for mainstream American release.

      The part did little to further her big-screen career,
      and by the end of the year she would return to
      episodic TV in the series A Different World.

      Also in 1987, Bonet married rocker Lenny
      Kravitz, whose impulsive free spirit
      and bi-racial upbringing paralleled hers.

      The Cosby-produced World was a hit, but
      Bonet lost interest often showing up
      late to the set or not at all.
      Within two years she was gone spending
      more time with her newborn daughter Zoe.
      Bonet spent the remainder of the 1980s
      making infrequent appearances on The
      Cosby Show, and she made a conscious
      decision not to act in the early 1990s.

      In 1993, her marriage to Kravitz fell apart,
      and to make ends meet in the mid-'90s,
      she accepted roles in made-for-TV
      and straight-to-video productions.

      Around this time, Bonet legally changed her name
      to Liliquois Moon, and claimed she would continue
      to use her stage name for her acting career.

      She had another child with boyfriend and former
      yoga instructor Brian Kest before returning to
      the big screen with a memorable supporting
      role in 1998's 'Enemy of the State'.

      It appeared that her Hollywood career
      was once again on-track when director
      Stephen Frears cast her as a sultry
      one-night-stand in 'High Fidelity' (2000).

      Despite her spotty film work, Lisa Bonet remains
      one of the more intriguing character actresses
      in Hollywood, enjoying a longevity that
      few former child stars can claim.

      "The reward for conformity is that
      everyone likes you except for yourself"
      (my favorite quote) - Rita Mae Brown

    • Heather Stimmel
      Thank You, Lynn! Yeah, you know when something s amiss and especially when you re different. That s how I feel. Another thing I ve always wondered about...
      Message 32 of 32 , Dec 5, 2006
        Thank You, Lynn! Yeah, you know when something's amiss and
        especially when you're "different." That's how I feel.

        Another thing I've always wondered about... my brother
        (adopted after me, but not my biological sibling)- he's always
        been "darker" than the rest of us. Olive skin mixed with a
        little "tan" (all-year-round tan, though). I know, I've ALWAYS
        thought he was not from both White parents. It makes me wonder...?!
        I mean- certainly, that doesn't necessarily "mean" anything,
        but it's just a thought I've had over the years.

        I understand what you're saying about checking out certain
        neighborhoods, hang-outs, etc. That is good advice.

        The only thing is... where I was born, it's a small city
        (where "everyone knows everyone else") and I don't know
        how much info. I'd get and how reliable it would be.

        I'm gonna' try, though. I'll let everyone know what I find out.

        Hopefully something. I do know that, this was once an area of a
        high population of American indians... specifically Cherokee
        and Lakota (I think- can't really remember the 2nd tribe).
        I do know that much. Other than that, I have to do some digging.

        Thanks, again, for the advice and have a great day =) Heather

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