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Article: On the concept of being ‘Colored’ (i.e. ‘Mixed-Raced’) ]

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    An Article regarding the concept of ... Searching for the genetic anomaly of the pure bred, the so-called Aryan , is not beyond the conception of man. In fact
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      An Article regarding the concept of
      being `Colored' (i.e. `Mixed-Raced'):

      Searching for the genetic anomaly of the pure bred, the
      so-called 'Aryan', is not beyond the conception of man.

      In fact the history of man is wrought and written by
      the search for the genetic anomaly, may it be based
      on principles of economy, politics, tribalism, belief,
      ethnicity or ideas (delusions) of supremacy.

      With the intervening hand of science and social engineering
      a pure bred has been fabricated, several times over in the
      history of man at the expense of spiritual ethics and morals.

      A pure bred as concept, belief and reality occurring
      requires a masterful and meticulous inhumane plan.

      At this stage in human development the pure bred,
      a rarity, is truly an exception rather than a reality.

      History as a master teacher reveals that a quest for a pure bred
      is shackled to the marrow and bone to exclusivity and gross human
      violations stretching back to the beginning of recorded history.

      The pure bred should not only read `genetic purity' but also a quest
      for religious, economic, political, cultural and social `homogeneity',
      in other words `[the idea of] "exclusivity" in all spheres of life'...

      Show me a pure bred --- and surely a `human being'
      would be depicted, a `bastard' to be more precise...

      If my skin were not black then it would be `colored' for I am born of
      the fusion of many black nations or tribes, alas my genetics is mixed.

      If my skin were not white then it would be `colored' for I am born of
      the fusion of many white nations or clans, alas my genetics is mixed.

      If my skin were not white, black or even `colored' then it would be
      `human' for I am born of the fusion of many nations, tribes or clans.

      [The...`colored', the mix-breed, the
      mulatto...is the `human' pure bred .]

      Their blood is richly mixed, the genes are bountiful and blessed,
      and the breeding follows a good strong line of a mixed culture.

      A culture, bountiful and blessed with the breeding of a richly
      mixed blood, genes, religion, tradition and social conventions
      following the sacred path of nature and life...

      This story does not end here it is merely the beginning,
      control drama as this..."race" exists the world over,
      occurring within the white and black landscape of humanity
      aside from the cases where "white" and "black" blood
      has been mixed forging more unique individuals...

      Alas the number of the...offspring rose steadily; as
      these mix-breeds procreated among themselves naturally.

      Offset with the introduction and legitimizing
      of apartheid...`Separate but equal' and further
      entrenched with...segregation ...[they were
      generally] forcibly grouped together.

      This term, concept and construct of `colored'
      [i.e. `mixed-raced'] was and still is very tenuous.

      Tenuous in the sense that the heritage of `coloureds'
      is shrouded in a veil of different languages, beliefs,
      cultures, prejudices, religious and social affiliations.

      A shared culture, defined as a shared heritage,
      tradition, socially entrenched customs, beliefs,
      language, and vision, between `coloureds'
      have been forged through ... years ...

      An unique feature of a `coloured' culture is that it is not
      based in conventional and traditional (Western, if you
      like) precepts, definition or description of culture.

      A major factor in the fickleness of a race and the
      stereotypes thereof lies entrenched in the dogma
      of Apartheid (separate development of the races).

      [The idea of] "Race" [is a mere] `social construct' [that is based
      on a false] homogeneity, discernible features and traits, where
      "racial" distinction is seen as a biological fact, that can be
      used to label an entire community or group of people.

      This practice is a farce upon the human race
      when confronted with the simultaneous racial
      duality that is the hallmark of `coloured' people.

      The impact and repercussions of race fascism should
      not be underestimated on the psyche of people.

      An aftermath can be seen in the struggle some people
      have with the notion that `coloureds' are seen as
      "black" under a new dispensation, as a matter of
      political convenience or a quick-fix to a community
      afflicted with an social and cultural identity crises.

      Having black-blood pumping through your veins and
      `living with the struggle' does not colour you "black".

      Even though' the people of mixed racial decent' are [falsely]
      labeled as being "black" by the international community.

      Having white-blood pumping through your arteries and
      `sharing white culinary' habits does not taint you "white".

      Succumbing to the popular MTV-type opinion that
      decrees that if you are `not white', then you
      are automatically "black" is not an option.

      Whether this is some covert ploy to maintain the integrity of
      institutionalized binary "race thought" of there being only two
      sides to the "race"-coin or possibly, an effort to avoid addressing
      the connecting fiber of a seemingly "white" and "black" world –
      people-of-colour can only stake their tenure of the future
      by accepting their diverse cultural and genetic imprints.

      [The mixed-raced group generally historically referred to as]
      "Coloured people" are neither "black" nor "white".

      [If black and white is the only two sides of the coin, then
      surely the `colored' (i.e. `mixed-raced') is the coin.]

      In South Africa, the `coloured' identity is much more
      established and insular than in any other part of the world.
      This semblance of a `coloured' identity
      Is just enough for the way forward.
      [There, they have a movement called] Bruin-ou, [which is] a concept
      of "racial"-deconstruction with the aim to dissect the precepts and
      borders of "racial"-thought that continues to artificially-divide.

      [The idea of "racial"-thought] is patronizing concept
      of colouredness, a vestige of white supremist creation,
      only serves to alienate people of mixed heritage in
      terms of unity, self-respect, self-worth and vision.

      Show me a pure bred and surely a `human'
      being would be depicted, a pure `mix-breed'.

      The stigma of being "white", "black" or
      "colored" and "colouredness" has tainted
      and stunted the development of mankind.

      [Referred to as] "tainted" once but now the colorful
      collage are...the ilk of a new and better tomorrow.

      Being `exclusive' and `supremist' is the-way-of-the-past,
      the future holds that we meet each half-way at all cost...

      Any form of `militant' and radical belief in a dogma is
      proof enough of the rape and pillage of freedom.

      Freedom at the [`expense of another's rights] is the way
      of the past, freedom of the future lies with you,
      saying `no more segregation of any sort'.

      We as people, as individuals have to choose to
      re-address the prejudices and economic disparities
      that are still rife in our society. ...

      Racism in truth is based in economics, but manifest in ethnic,
      cultural, regional and spiritual (to name a few) exclusions.

      History proves this over and over ...

      Economics attached to a deviant trait of man, wanting to control
      others, are responsible for the poor relations between mankind ...

      A classless society I hear you shout in dismay.
      Yes and No!
      Yes, as man has allowed economics to destroy and decay
      the moral fiber upon which his existence depends.
      And no as your conception of a classless society,
      is based on a prior knowledge of class.

      If the concept class did not exist in the first place,
      you would not have known about class.
      Then truly we all would be free and equal.

      Excerpted from the article "Bruin-ou, where in the world
      would you find one? `Everywhere' -- by Cornel Rayners
      (found at http://multiracial.com/readers/rayners.html).

      Link to a related article regarding common
      stereotypes held against `coloureds' (i.e.
      `multi'-racials) in one particular nation.


      Other Resources:

      Bruin-ou: The "coloureds" of South Africa

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