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A word of encouragement & advice to all 'Gen-Mixers'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    A Truly Supportive Network of Family And Friends [friends] Always know that ... you do not have to stay around with those types of individuals and or
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2006
      A Truly Supportive Network

      of "Family" And 'Friends' 


      Always know that ... you do not have to stay
      around with those types of individuals and
      or family members who cannot or will
      not support your Multi-Racial lineage
      / parentage / family or child(ren).

      In your everyday life you will come across
      some people who are especially supportive
      of your Multicultural/Multiracial existence.

      Surround yourself with these people!

      In addition, actively seek out other
      Mixed-Race families and people ...
      of all chronlogies and combinations.

      You will be surprised by how helpful
      many people will want to be for you.

      You need 'a supportive community' -----
      comprised of many races and combination
      of such ----- those who will both act as role
      models and provide inspiration; those
      who will stimulate your thinking; those
      who can help fill your desire for cultural
      diversity; and those who will challenge
      you in  'constructive' and 'respectful' ways.

      If you are somewhat isolated from these people
      because of where you live, then seek out people
      in other areas --and, of course -- ALWAYS FEEL
      FREE TO SEND A POST to the members here in our
      online-community at 'Generation-Mixed' --ANYTIME!!

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