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Re: Mixed-Race Politician: Harold Ford, Jr.

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  • multiracialbookclub
    In addition ... Harold Ford also been attacked for refusing to `One-Drop his family s lineage. As a result of his stand to acknowledged his full-lineage,
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 28, 2006

      In addition ... Harold Ford also been attacked
      for refusing to `One-Drop' his family's lineage.

      As a result of his stand to acknowledged his full-lineage,
      politician, Harold Ford, has found himself under much
      direct attack -- in campaigns led by certain members
      of both the mainstream and the ethnic press [and even
      by some members of his own extended-family] -- just
      for having openly and publicly acknowledged the truth
      about his very obviously Mixed-Race ancestral lineage.

      Ford, who openly adheres to a socio-political
      `identification' which is commonly labeled as
      "black" ... also makes no secret of his obviously
      `White' ancestry ... and he has found himself
      to be under much attack for having done so.


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      "tlbaker1" <tlbaker1@...> wrote:

      Did anyone see those really bad negative campaign
      ads by his opponent w/the white woman saying come
      baby light my fire or something to that effect,
      --- don't remember the whole thing.
      I didn't see them first hand and I am in NY but
      saw it on the news one night and some advertising
      expert was saying it was discriminatory due to
      the old or maybe not so old stereotype involving
      "black" men and 'White' women, I was shocked that
      they would point that out on national
      television but glad that they did.


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      Subject:  Mixed-Race Politician: Harold Ford, Jr.

      Politician: Harold Ford, Jr.

      Representative from

      Tennessee / 9th District

      Term of office:

      Political party:

      Preceded by:
      Harold Ford, Sr.

      May 11, 1970
      Memphis , Tennesee


      MGM-Mixed/Mixed-Race Politician
      Harold Eugene Ford, Jr.
      (born May 11, 1970) ... is a member of the
      United States House of Representatives from
      Tennessee ... representing the state's 9th
      Congressional district, based in Memphis .

      A member of the Democratic Party, he was selected
      as his party's candidate for the Senate seat being
      vacated by retiring Majority Leader Bill Frist.

      His opponent is Republican nominee Bob Corker,
      former mayor of Chattanooga , in the general election.

      He is a centrist or moderate and a
      member of the Blue Dog Coalition.

      Early history

      Ford is the son of former Congressman
      Harold Ford, Sr. and Dorothy Ford.

      He has three brothers--Jake, Isaac,
      and Andrew--and one sister, Ava.

      His family has long been prominent
      in Memphis ' "black" community.

      He graduated from St. Albans School for Boys in
      Washington , D.C. and received a B.A. from the
      University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in
      1992 and a J.D. from the University of

      Michigan Law School in 1996.

      He sat for and failed to pass the Tennessee
      Bar Exam in 1998, but publicly
      acknowledged that he would try again.

      House of Representatives

      In 1992 he was a staff aide to the Senate Budget
      Committee and in 1993 he was special assistant
      to the United States Department of Commerce.

      Harold, Sr. had long groomed Harold, Jr. as his successor.

      When Harold, Sr. decided not to seek a 12th term in Congress
      in 1996, Harold, Jr. wasted little time entering the race.

      Although the race for the Democratic nomination was
      essentially over as soon as he jumped in, he arranged
      his schedule for his last semester at Michigan so he
      would not have Monday or Friday classes.

      He was thus able to fly home to Memphis for an extended
      weekend each week to continue his campaign.

      As expected, he easily won the Democratic primary,
      which was tantamount to election in the
      heavily Democratic, "black"-majority 9th.

      He has been reelected four times
      without serious Republican opposition.

      In 2000, Ford was the keynote speaker for
      the 2000 Democratic National Convention
      supporting then Vice President Al Gore for
      the Democratic nomination for President.

      Ford's voting record is considered much more moderate
      than conventional wisdom would suggest for a district
      like the 9th, even though Republicans have not seriously
      contested the district since 1978 (Harold, Sr. ran
      unopposed in 1980, and the district was redrawn
      as a "black"-majority district after that year's census).

      His popularity among white voters in the Memphis area
      has steadily increased during his decade in Congress;
      in 2000, for instance, he won 40% of the white vote.

      Ford is a member of the New Democrat Coalition, the
      Congressional Black Caucus and the Blue Dog Coalition.

      After the 2002 elections resulted in Democrats losing
      Congressional seats, Ford announced his candidacy for House
      Democratic Leader, challenging then-House Minority Whip
      Nancy Pelosi, arguing that current leadership was ineffective.

      Ford was defeated, but exceeded initial expectations
      in terms of the amount of support he received.

      A few pundits suggested that he might be nominated as the
      Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate in 2004 however,
      he was ineligible for the office because he would be four months
      short of turning 35 on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2005).

      2006 Senate campaign

      Main article: Tennessee United States Senate election, 2006

      Congressman Ford giving a speech

      Congressman Ford giving a speech

      On April 6, 2005, during an interview on C-SPAN's
      call-in show Washington Journal, Ford confirmed
      that he would be running for the Senate.

      He filed the papers necessary to officially begin
      his Senate campaign on May 25, 2005.

      Ford has raised in excess of $4
      million for his Senate campaign.

      Democratic State Senator Rosalind Kurita
      briefly challenged Ford for the nomination,
      but dropped out of the primary due to inadequate
      fundraising, handing Ford the nomination.

      On August 3, 2006, Ford overwhelmingly
      won the Democratic primary.

      After the primary, Ford's supporters held a large
      victory celebration at Nashville 's LP Field.

      Among the speakers was former
      U.S. President Bill Clinton.

      Ford' s opponent is Republican
      Bob Corker in the November election.

      Not long after Corker's primary victory
      was assured, Ford challenged Corker to
      seven televised debates across the state.

      In response, Corker said he would debate Ford,
      though he did not agree to seven debates.

      Corker and Ford were scheduled to participate
      in televised debates in Memphis on October
      7, in Chattanooga on October 10, and
      in Nashville on October 28.

      NBC's Meet the Press extended an invitation
      for the candidates to debate on the
      nationally-televise d show in January 2006.

      Ford accepted the invitation, stating
      that "any weekend would work for him."
      The Corker campaign, however, "has thus far not
      given [Meet the Press] a date they wanted to do it
      and have not said they want to do it for sure .
      nine months after the invitations have gone out."

      Throughout the campaign, the media has consistently
      pointed out that if elected, Ford would be the first ever
      popularly elected Senator of the largely Multi-Racial
      Ethnic group known as `
      African-American' ---
      from the South--- since Reconstruction.

      External links

      Related Links:

      http://www.haroldfo rdjr.com/ index.php? option=com_ content&task=view&id=33
      http://www.metropul se.com/dir_ zine/dir_ 2004/1423/ t_cover.html

      http://www.house. gov/ford/
      www.fordfortennesse e.com
      http://www.answers. com/topic/ harold-ford- jr
      http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Harold_Ford% 2C_Sr 

      Harold Ford, Jr.

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