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Mixed-Race Discussion-Thread 'Summary'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Listed below is an excerpt from a summarization post that I made at another discussion group ... in regards to a few points that a group of people (myself
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 21, 2006

      Listed below is an excerpt from a 'summarization' post
      that I made at another discussion group ... in regards
      to a few points that a group of people (myself included)
      had made in a discussion-thread at that particular forum.


      ## Race is a `social construct' … and is not a `biological fact'.

      ## Who and how a person is "racially" 'categorized'
      -- is not "set in stone"--- and quite often it can and
      will generally depend on `where' a person is located.

      ## How a person is "racially" `categorized' can and often
      does depend simply on the nation in which that person is
      currently living and said categorization can actually change
      merely with their re-location elsewhere --- as every nation
      has its own definition of `who' is in `what' given group.


      ## The United States of America is actually one of only a very
      small number of countries found anywhere in the world that
      still -- in modern times -- insists on using the racist `One-Drop
      Rule' to forcibly and to also falsely place people who are of
      Mixed-Race /`Multi'-Racial Ancestry (whether it's via their
      'Lineage' or via their `Parentage') into `mono'-racial `categories'.

      ## The racist `One-Drop Rule' has been forced on those citizens of
      the United States who are of Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial Ancestry
      – (whether it's via their `Lineage' or via their `Parentage') — due,
      in large part, to an individual known as Walter Plecker and the
      'Racial Purity Laws' which he established in the state of Virginia

      ## Plecker used these `Racial Purity Laws' of
      his, in order to forcibly deny what was the then
      already very clearly well-known; established; and
      formerly-recognized Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial
      Ancestral bloodlines which composed the `Lineage'
      of the majority of the people who were considered
      both "Colored" (via their tri-"racial" combination
      of Northern-Amerindian, Western-European and
      Western-African "racially"-admixed ancestry) and were
      also of the African-American (AA) `Ethnicity' -- and he
      simply (via the racist `One-Drop Rule') decided to take
      the racist step of wrongfully re-categorizing most of the
      "Colored" people (who also happened to be of the AA
      'Ethnicity' -- the majority of whom who, again, had
      been formerly-recognized as being Mixed-Race /
      `Multi'-Racial) as falsely being of either a fully or
      a predominantly `mono'-racially `Negro' lineage.



      ## Individuals and people groupings who are
      of a Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial `Lineage'
      are often referred to as being "Multi-Generational
      Multiracially-Mixed" (or MGM-Mixed, for short)
      -- and-- individuals and people groupings who are
      of a Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial `Parentage'
      are often referred to today as being "First-Generational
      Multiracially-Mixed" (or `FGM-Mixed', for short).

      ## Regardless of whether a person is Mixed-Race /
      --- via their 'Lineage' (MGM-Mixed)
      or via their 'Parentage' (FGM-Mixed) --- they are –
      nonetheless -- still Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial –--and thus,
      they should be encouraged to feel free to publicly embrace
      ALL of the parts of their FULL genotype (ancestry) and
      also their resulting phenotype (appearance) as well.

      ## Just as "having separately-categorized Parentage" is
      *not* the *only* "way" for a person to be Mixed-Race /
      `Multi'-Racial (as a Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial person
      can be thus via either their MGM-Mixed `Lineage'–and / or
      also via their FGM-Mixed `Parentage') ...  it should always be
      remembered that the term "bi-racial" is *not*`the only' "type"
      of Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial and that a lot of Mixed-Race
      / `Multi'-Racial people are `tri'-racial, `multi'-racial, etc.

      ## If a person -- who has been 'categorized' as being
      `mono'-racially `Black' also -- has what is referred to
      as a "light" skin coloring / shade / hue (or some other
      semantically-selected term that is often used to describe
      the many various shades
      of `lighter'-complexioned or
      `medium'-complexioned skin coloring / shade / hue)
      – said feature is but simply a pheno-typically visible
      indication that said person is of what is clearly an
      ancestrally-admixed Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial
      heritage (whether via their `Parentage' or `Lineage').

      ## There are many people who are of Mixed-Race /
      Ancestry (either via their `Lineage' or
      via their `Parentage') … and who (as a result of the
      racism of the infamous `One-Drop Rule') have all been
      inaccurately-categorized as being either predominantly or
      fully `mono'-racially 'Black' (and-- in the case of those who
      are of MGM-Mixed `Lineage' … said mis-categorization has
      often become and continued to remain the case throughout
      the generations of their familial heritage) – and—thus, many
      (as a result of social treatment and various life experiences)
      may also be / have been of the socio-political `identification'
      that is often referred to by many in modern-society as "black").


      ## For most people --- the use of the term "black"
      is and really should probably be seen more as a
      statement of their "Socio-Political 'IDENTIFICATION'"
      – rather than
      as a statement of their FULL ancestry.

      ## While many people could say that they may, in
      fact, 'IDENTIFY' as / with "black" (or that they have
      a "black" Socio-Political `Identification') -- it would
      not be accurate to say that they are of a fully (or even
      predominantly) 'mono'-racial Black' ancestral lineage.

      (Unless, of course, one is referring to those individuals who
      actually *are* of a 'mono'-racial `Black' lineage ... and are not
      simply referring to someone whose parents and ancestors were
      racistly and erroneously 'CATEGORIZED' -- via `One-Droppism'
      -- as being fully or predominantly `mono'-racially Black").


      ## Although a person's "Racial" 'Categorization'
      (and occasionally, even their 'Identification')
      "can" change (often depending on experiences,
      location, "rules", etc.) …. their 'Ancestry' will
      always, nonetheless, remain the same.

      ## Because there is a difference between one's
      so-called "racial" `Categorization'; 'Identification';
      and / or 'Ancestral Composition" --- when someone
      has been placed into a given 'Category' -- it does
      not mean that it can change their 'Ancestry'
      or even always determine their 'Identity'.

      ## There is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong
      with people acknowledging their `Multi'-Racial /
      Mixed-Race Ancestral heritage -- and refusing to
      just "pick only one side or another" for themselves

      ## A person of Multi-Racial ancestry (whether via their
      `Lineage' or their `Parentage') should feel free to embrace
      ALL parts of their FULL heritage ... without anyone
      trying to make them feel pressured to deny or
      distance themselves from any one part or another.

      ## What is wrong is when any group of people choose
      to "look down on" others – because of issues of
      so-called "race" or "racial" `categorization'.

      ## The "pressure to distance or deny" a part of one's
      FULL lineage does *not* happen *only* to people
      of Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial `Parentage' – but,
      rather, it is also felt by those people who are of
      Mixed-Race / Multi'-Racial `Lineage' as well.

      ## In fact, sometimes those people who are of
      Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial `Lineage' are often
      put under "pressure" even more so (than those who
      are of Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial `Parentage')' to
      *not* feel free to "check all that apply" (so to speak)
      ... when it comes to the public acknowledgment and
      the open embracing of their FULL ancestral lineage.

      ## Simply because a `Multi'-Racial / Mixed-Race person
      -- who is also of part-Black `Lineage' or `Parentage'
      celebrates in embracing ALL of the racial and ethnic
      heritages in their background does *not* mean that they
      are trying to *not* lay claim to their `Black' ancestry
      are they then forbidden to have a "black" socio-political
      "Identification" (as -- remember: a person's `ancestry',
      `Category' and `Identity' are *not* the same thing).

      ## It is not fair -- to broad-brush any group
      (ex. groups such as "the blacks", "the whites",
      etc.) as ALL being 'unconsciously brainwashed'
      adherents of the racist "One-Drop Rule".

      ## It should also be kept in mind that just because
      certain various and obviously politically-motivated
      groups – (for example, groups like the NAACP or the
      'National Black Social Worker's' (NBSW) and other
      -- create and release "statements"
      in which they very falsely-"claim" to "represent"
      ALL of the people of a given group (ex. "blacks", for
      instance) -- does *not* mean that ALL of the people
      of that given group (ex. "blacks", for instance) are
      truly in support of (or, on occasion, even 'aware'
      of, in many cases) the policies that they publish.

      ## It also should be remembered that (just as factors
      such as "regionalism" can play a role in a person'
      socio-political `identification' and / or a person's "racial"
      `categorization') … factors such as 'Education'; 'Support';
      AND actually having what is a "true representation"
      (and not a 'politically-manipulated' one) of how many
      of the members of a given people grouping (ex. "blacks",
      whites, etc.) actually feel about things -- also play a role.

      ## It is usually discovered, in fact, that once, many pf
      the so-called "blacks" (for instance) discover that they
      will not be 'condemned' or perceived as "trying to
      separate or distance themselves from" a part of their
      FULL lineage NOR find themselves having been forcibly
      categorized by the Colorist-based measurements' of the
      racist "One-Drop Rule(r)"…they generally tend to be willing
      to cast away the idea of being pressured to accept the racist
      "One Drop Rule" for themselves and/or for anyone else.

      ## It should be remembered and understood that
      (just as a Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial person does
      *not* have to have "parents who have been categorized
      into separate so-called "racial" categories" in order to
      be Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial) --- the pressure to
      *not* "identify" as being Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial
      does *not* come only (or even largely) from
      the "blacks" (or any other `mono'-racially"
      `categorized' group as far as that matter goes).

      ## In recent years – an awful mindset has sprung up
      among certain `Multi'-Racial / Mixed-Race people --
      in which they have chosen to attempt to implement a
      Double-Standard application of the racist "One-Drop Rule"
      – and thus, prevent many, if not most, of the people who
      are of Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial `Lineage' (rather than
      `Parentage') to publicly embrace their FULL lineage or
      the FACT that they are Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial.

      ## The term that I personally use to describe
      those people who adhere to the mindset of
      this movement is that of - "3M" (i.e. `MMM'
      or `Malevolently-Militant Multiracial'

      ## The term "truly-mixed" is one that has -
      of late -- most certainly come to be used by the
      3Ms in their Racist, Colorist -- and often Ethnicist
       – desire to deny certain MGM-Mixed people
      to acknowledge and embrace the fact that
      they are Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial.

      ## It would not be accurate or honest to say that
      all or most "white" people – nor any other "racial"
      grouping" of people --- do *not* (even to this day)
      or that they *never* or even "rarely* show `hostility'
      toward Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial people.

      Such a statement is – a broad-brushing of another
      group –- and whether attempting to `demonize' or
      `canonize' a group –- to `broad-brush' is simply
      to stereotype and that is really just another type
      of bigotry and pre-judgment / prejudice


      ## There is nothing wrong with Mixed-Race groups
      or forums that encourage people to celebrate in and
      embrace ALL of the parts of their FULL lineage.

      ## It should not be assumed that -- just because a group
      covers the topic of being Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial --
      the group is trying to get people to 'escape or distance
      themselves from being "black" ` or any other part of their
      ancestry (whether `White', `Amerindian', `Asian', etc.).

      ## Although there are certain online-groups of a
      3M-Mindset that attempt to separate or distance their
      members from embracing or accepting their `Black'
      (and / or other of-color) lineage – there are also many
      very positive Mixed-Race groups that have actually
       been formed with the intent of helping Mixed-Race
      / `Multi'-Racial people learn how to embrace
      their ALL of their heritage and lineages (as not
      every single Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial
      person has had that opportunity).

      ## There are some Mixed-Race groups, in fact,

      that actually exist -- in order to help their members
      learn to embrace their FULL ancestry – via
      information, socialization and open discussion.


      ## The term "African-American" (a reference
      to a largely 'multi'-racial 'Ethnic' group) is
      *not* the same as 'Black-American' (a
      reference to a 'mono'-racial "Race' group).

      ## Although most people are not aware of this --
      'Black-American' (BA) and 'African-American'
      (AA) are *not* the same people grouping --
      *nor*-- are they even of the same `ancestral
      admixture' or `socio-historical experience'.

      ## People should try to make every effort to *not*
      get the term `African-American' (AA) –(which has
      been designated to represent a *very specific" and
      largely 'multi'-racial Ethnic grouping of people) --
      confused with that of the term `Black-American'
      (BA) – (which is a reference to a given and much
      larger 'mono'-racial "Race" grouping of people).

      ## Although *some* people … who are born to two parents
      who are both of the African-American (AA) Ethnic grouping
      … *may* actually be of fully or predominantly 'mono'-racially
      'Black' ancestry– it has been repeatedly proven by Genetic Tests
      (which has backed up Historical Record) that the majority
       (+70%) of AAs, however, are actually of an MGM-Mixed
      "racial" Lineage and also of a Tri-racial Ancestral Heritage.

      ## More than 70% of all people who are born to two AA
      parents, in fact, are actually MGM-Mixed / Tri-racials
      (with the remaining 30% or so of the people of the AA
      'Ethnicity' being either 'Black', 'White' or `Amerindian').

      ## The most common ancestral admixed lineage of those
      +70% of full-AAs who are MGM-Mixed is as follows:
      -- +25% North Amerindian; 20-30% West European;
      and the remaining portion being West African.


      ## The term "African-American" was meant *only* to be
      applied to a *very specific* (and largely `Multi'-Racial
      / Mixed-Race) `Ethnic' grouping of people a (created
      via a regional and era-based `historical-experience').

      ## The *very specific* (and also largely `Multi'-Racial / Mixed-Race)
      `Ethnic' grouping of people that are currently being mis-nomered as
      the `African-Americans' (AAs) … was originally intended
      to include, quite specifically, *only* those people who are
      ... "the descendents of the survivors … of the Negro
      chattel-slavery 'system' --- that was located on the
      continental United States of America during the
      Antebellum, Reconstruction and Jim Crow historical-eras".



      [[[ 3M = Malevolently-Militant Multiracials (MMM)
      MGM-Mixed = Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
      FGM-Mixed-First-Generational Multiracially-Mixed]]]

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