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Mixed-Race Celebrity: Laura Carrington

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    MGM-Mixed Celebrity: Laura Carrington
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2006

      MGM-Mixed Celebrity: Laura Carrington

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      Those who remember the 80's well – will likely
      most certainly remember actress Laura Carrington.

      Laura Carrington made her impact on daytime television history
      when she was cast as the original inter-racially-married
      Dr. Simone Hardy in the daytime serial`General Hospital'.

      JET 2/29/1988 Laura Carrington and David Wallace cov

      In the show, she played a character who was a young
      doctor who was from a family that was a part of the
      historical 'African-American Elite' (often referred to
      as 'The "black" Elite'; 'The "black" Bougousie' and /
      or 'The Mulatto Elite'; ) and  whose parents were both
      doctors who were not comfortable with her marrying a
      gorgeous young White doctor whose family was not a part
      of their own Ethnic (or any other) historically-Elite group.

      Until the creation of that particular storyline -- most
      American television audiences were likely unaware
      of the existence of the historical 'African-American
      Elite' (often referred to as 'The "black" Elite'; '
      The "black" Bougousie' and / or 'The Mulatto Elite'; )


      Prior to being cast on 'General Hospital', Laura first managed
      to gain the attention of most television audiences when she was
      cast in the role of the adorable girl in a series of KFC commercials.


      Laura is probably most famously, however, for her role
      as the
      beautiful blind-sculptress with whom singer Lionel
      Richie falls in love in his circa 1984 'Hello' music video.

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      Being a celebrity who has always been very proud of
      her "racially" admixed family lineage -- Laura has always 
      openly proclaimed that her MGM-Mixed "racial" lineage
      includes Black / West-Indian / Latino and Asian ancestry.


      P.S. Speaking of Lionel Richie – the link below
      provides a cover photo of Lionel Richie and his
      beautiful first-wife, Brenda, during happier times


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