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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Hello...and anyone interested in commenting on mixed ancestry research?

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  • Briana Mays
    me too. = ) -briana j s wrote: I d be interested in reading - feel free to forward the info directly to my email. And welcome! Jeff
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 24, 2006
      me too.
      = )

      j s <creolescience@...> wrote:
      I'd be interested in reading - feel free to forward the info directly to my email.
      And welcome!

      y_quach <aquach127@...> wrote:
      Hi Everyone,

      My name is Ashley Quach and I am a rising senior at Wellesley
      College in Wellesley, Massachusetts (about a 35 minute drive from
      Boston). However, my home is actually in Long Beach, California.
      I'm a psychology major and an economics minor who plans to go
      to graduate school for clinical psychology in the future.
      I am extremely interested in culture and the experience of
      bi-racial and multi-racial people of all races and ethnicities;
      this is one of the reasons why I joined this group.
      I myself am Chinese-American and part Vietnamese.

      This summer, I am a NSF-REU student intern at the Wellesley
      Centers for Women (WCW) for a "mixed ancestry" project.
      I will be working with a team of senior researchers who aim to
      develop a more accurate measure of mixed ancestry in adolescents.
      I am sure all of you are familiar with the check one
      box in regards to identifying your race or ethnicity.
      The researchers on this project take the stance that the
      current ways of measuring mixed ancestry are not precise
      nor do they truly capture the experience of being a mixed
      individual as more and more people are mixing interracially.

      I wanted to introduce myself to everyone and ask if people would
      be interested in reading more about the research proposal.
      If so, I was wondering if people would like to post comments
      or send your comments to me personally if you do not
      want others to publicly see your written comments.
      I just joined the group today so I will post the
      blurb about the research tomorrow around this time.
      I look forward to reading the
      comments anyone is willing to offer.
      Take care.


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