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  • multiracialbookclub
    Hi Briana, From what I have seen --- it seems to me that the matter of whether or not a person (who is of a racially-admixed lineage) would also be seen as
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      Hi Briana,

      From what I have seen --- it seems to me that the matter
      of whether or not a person (who is of a racially-admixed
      lineage) would also be seen as also being an 'Amerindian' 
      ---- varies from tribe to tribe (with some tribes requiring
      no less than 1/4 Amerindian lineage and others allowing
      as little as 1/16 or even 1/32 Amerindian lineage) and 
      ---- may also be affected by whether or not the tribe 
      in their lineage has ever been federally-`recognized'.

      Other factors may have some impact on this as well.

      Hope that's helpful and that you have a great day.


      Other links of possible interest:



      Briana Mays <lilmixedshawty92@...> wrote:

      i have no clue, but i have a question similar to that .....
      if mah great grandmother was a full blood indian (i guess
      thats how you put it) and she married a black man to have mah
      grandma, and mah grandma married a black man to have mah dad:
      do i have enough indian in me to be indian too?
      or is that taking mixed too far? does that even make sense?
      lol, i think i sound retarded...... plz sumone reply

      jemini200 <jemini200@...> wrote:

      Hello everyone. My name is Ceige and I have been a
      member of this group for a long time and although
      I have never posted on it, I like this group. 
      Anyway I have a question.  I am a black American who has
      some mixed lineage from past generations.  My paternal
      grandmother was half white and half black (her mother was
      a black nigerian and her father was a white Englishman). 
      She married my paternal grandfather (a black man) and
      had 7 children my father included.  My father who is
      3/4 black and 1/4 white married my mother who is black.
      So what would that make me?  Would this qualify as
      being multigenerationally mixed?  Just curious.  Thanx

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