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Re: [Generation-Mixed] Southern Family

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  • Alicia McCoy
    Yeah, that s southern alright! My daddy s older brother lives in a section of VA called Franklin, and when I tell people that my daddy s family is a bunch of
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      Yeah, that's southern alright! My daddy's older brother lives in a section of VA called Franklin, and when I tell people that my daddy's family is a bunch of rednecks, I mean that this man gets up at 7 am, goes and sits on his porch, and pulls a beer from out of a metal tub inside of an old tire sitting on his front porch, starts spitting his chaw out into the front yard and says, yep, what we gonna do today? My ma's daddy's family basically runs a small town on the border of TN & VA called Saltville and I myself have only been there a few times. The last time I went I was 20, bear in mind, I had not been there since I was 3; when I pulled into the town, I stopped to ask for directions, and the attendant looked at me said, "well Lord be, ain't you Wanda's youngun? Da*n sure ain't changed a bit!"
      It's amazing how country folk are you know?

      wintyreeve@... wrote:
      Hi Friends-
      I am getting a kick out of this conversation!
      My Southern relatives--lol* Would probably scare Sally Fields! They are more "Steel" than "magnolia". 
      I am probably going to get in trouble for this but it is so funny, I have to tell you this story...
      My Aunt "Jane" was a boot legger. She made bath tub whiskey and sold it out her back door. Well one time a cousin came in to buy a drink, then he passed out. Just so happened this cousin has a glass eye. When he passed out, the eye rolled out of his head. Aunt Jane picked up that eye and put it in the pocket of her apron. When the cousin came to, he was looking all over for that eye! He could not find it and finally gave up... He said he will pay a reward to who ever finds his eye. So Aunt Jane bent underneath this cabinet, reached real far back like the eye had rolled under there...and told him she found it, and wanted her reward now. LOL* Talk about driving a hard bargain!
      Blessings, Lynn

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