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Re: African American's Mixed Heritage

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Peter wrote: I agree. I have always looked at term African American as a mixed cultural blend and have taught it that way as well. Peter
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      "Peter" <barac1998@... >wrote:

      I agree. I have always looked at term 'African American' as
      a mixed cultural blend and have taught it that way as well.



      And while I do feel that the term `African-American' is
      (like the term `American-Indian') a type of misnomer
      …  I do not have a problem with it's usage (particularly
      seeing that, as Ty, Lynn and Peter have pointed out, the
      term can most certainly be said to have an indication that
      the members of said Ethnicity would most likely be of a
      Mixed-Race / `Multi'-Racial Ancestry … wherein the term
      `Black' would *not* seem to indicate any such Ancestry) .

      My main concern actually centers around `the lack of true
      knowledge about the AAs' that is quite commonly found 
      among and displayed by a good number of the members
      of the American media, government, and census poll
      takers … many of whom seem to have *no* remote concept
      (thanks, again to the United States Census Bureau (USCB)
      and it's hopelessly flawed-form, that's been used since 1990)
      that the `African-Americans' (AAs) are *not* at all the same
      group as the `Black-Americans' (BAs) and also that, as a
      result of this lack of knowledge, the AAs seem to be the
      *only* `Ethnic' group found in America (or the world)
      that is forced to BOTH 1) live with society's denial
      of it's Mixed-Race lineage AND 2) carry the unfair
      burden of falsely being used to represent an entire
      "Racial" grouping of people (largely due to the Rule
      of Hypo-Descent / One-Drop Rule and the USCB).

      As stated earlier – rather than look for a whole new name
      or label for this largely `Multi'-Racial / Mixed-Race `Ethnic'
      Group --- I truly feel that `Education' and the sharing of
      knowledge and TRUE information about the AAs may be
      a, if not `the', key step
      in helping them to be able; feel free to
      and have full 
      support in publicly embracing and proclaiming
      their FULL Ancestry and true Identity as well as also having
      TRUE statistics provided about them (rather than the
      so-called `common knowledge' false-statistics that have
      been created by the forcing of them to – without any say
      in the matter -- represent and to carry the statistics for
      every citizen and resident in the United States of America
      who just happens to have some/ any amount of Black lineage).

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