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943Book- Lucky Child

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  • Lynn
    Mar 10, 2006
      Hello Friends-

      I just finished reading a really great book called "Lucky Child: A
      Daughter of Cambodia Reunites with the Sister she Left Behind" by
      Loung Ung. Loung is Chinese-Cambodian. Her family was targeted by the
      Khmer Rouge because her father was in the army, and because the
      family is middle class. Loung actually was a child soldier in the
      Khmer army. Her father, mother and two sisters died because of the
      Khmer. In "Lucky Child" Loung recalls how she was the "lucky child"--
      the youngest and thought to be the strongest. Her brother and his
      wife immigrate to the US and take her with. The book is really
      compelling because it parallels Loung's life in the US and that of
      her closest sister, Chou, in Cambodia. Loung talks about her
      nightmares & flashblacks--how it was difficult for her to connect to
      her family or even think of Cambodia because she was so afraid of the
      Khmer. You also get a very personal look at Chinese-Cambodian
      traditions, food, and beliefs. Another interesting aspect of the book
      is how the Ung family adapts to life in the US. Loung's eldest
      brother--Meng--remains very tied to the traditions, while Loung
      adopts pop culture (and later returns to Cambodia--and has to relearn
      many of the customs there).
      "Lucky Child" is a remarkable memoir & I highly recommend it.
      Loung has a webpage online: http://loungung.com/ung_home.php

      Have a Nice Day :) Lynn